Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friday Night Lights!

Last Friday, we kicked off the weekend in the best possible way imaginable:  At our neighborhood high school for football!  We were planning on a low-key, early to bed night, but our friends invited us over for a tailgate at their house and then walk to the stadium for some football!  How could we say no?!  I'm not a huge football person, I will watch it and enjoy the games, but I think there is something so fun about high school football games!  

Our tailgate consisted of hot dogs on the grill and eating on our friends deck...while the adults cleaned up, the kids had a bit of a dance party!
Some YMCA action going on here!  There were 8 boys and 1 girl..one may think poor Molly, but she fit in very well and was the "mother" of the bunch!  

More dancing!  Someone is lifting Jack, I see some karate going on here and no Molly, she could only take so much boys!
We walked over to the stadium and the kids were in Heaven!  Molly loved the cheerleaders and a few of them waved to her, she was so excited!  We saw a ton of friends from school and actually found great seats in the student section!  The students didn't look too happy we were all there, but all of our kids loved it!

Jack with his sweet friends Henry and Preston!
Right before halftime, the news helicopter landed on the field behind the stadium, we had the perfect view!  

The band performed at halftime, along with the cheerleaders and dancers!  It was nice seeing and hearing the band play great music! We normally only hear the band play at 7 a.m every morning!  

We left shortly after halftime, but our Tigers won their first game!  Go Tigers these are the ONLY tigers we cheer for in our family!!    We will be back for sure!  Such a great way to start our weekend!

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