Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites! Fall Edition!

I absolutely love, love, love fall!  Today is our first cooler day in a long time, so, in honor of the cooler is all about fall and what I'm looking forward to this season!

 Fall smells are what top my list of what I love about fall!

Just only the greatest smell that weird?  I don't care!  I love the smell of burning leaves!

Only my favorite candles ever...I may light it in the spring, summer and winter!  Maybe!

Delicious food that can only be consumed between the months of September and November!  

Holy yumminess!  
I seriously think about these in March and wonder, why is pumpkin only acceptable in the fall?  Let's make pumpkin an all year flavor and food like chocolate and BBQ!

Hands down, the best apple cider in the world!!  And those donuts are A-MAZ-ING!!
Just add Cool Whip!


Fall Clothes!  Another squeal moment!  Boots!  Jeans!  Sweatshirts! 

Is it obvious I want brown boots?  This is high up there on my must haves for the season!  And I just love the splash of red in the last picture!


 PUMPKINS!!!!  I love pumpkins!

Isn't she the cutest little pumpkin in the world?  How was this 5 years ago?!!

Who's ready to go with me to the pumpkin patch and start decorating?!!  


The fall holidays, celebrations, and festivals are the best!  Halloween is such a fun holiday, love dressing up, trick-or-treat fun, and my kids excitement is contagious!  Thanksgiving is hands-down my all time favorite holiday!  Family, great food, and reflections on what we are blessed with, plus football!  Can you ask for a better day?!  Fall is full of birthdays for our families!  Will turns 4 in a few short weeks and I love that there are so many options to celebrate his birthday!  We also have birthdays for my brother, grandma, Eric's grandma, my mom, my aunt and tons of our friends celebrate their birthdays too...I might also have a fall birthday!  

I love me some pumpkins!

Have a great weekend!  Go out enjoy all the fall-filled-fun in your area!  What are some of the must-do or must-have for fall?!!
Linking up with these great girls!  Happy Weekend!

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