Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday!  Yay!  Here are some Five Favorites I have this week!


M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I made these for Will's first day of preschool, but we all enjoyed this yummy treat!  I found the recipe on Pinterest, but didn't have cornstarch and had to use baking soda instead, the results were wonderful and I will use this recipe again!  


Best quotes of the week, courtesy of my kids!

Molly:  "Are we eating poop?!"  At dinner last night.  No, we were eating stir-fry with beef.  
Will:  "I didn't eat my boogers!"  A repeat from yesterday, I know, but so cute!
Jack:  "Ugh...Why's the TV always on Bravo?!"  He says this a lot and I'm not sure why Jack!

My cute watch and cross bracelet!  I know, another repeat, but look at how cute they are together!!  
LOVE the look, and my cute dress in the background!   
Great girlfriends and long talks!  Will and I  met up with Eric's cousin yesterday for lunch, and she's more of my friend then my husbands cousin!  We just have the greatest talks, get each other, and enjoy the same things in life!  

Do you hear that?  Silence.  I'm all alone in my house with zero kids for the first time in five years.  I really don't know what to do with myself, yet have a millions things to do.  It's odd.  I'm a little sad.  I'm a little happy too, just enjoying the quiet.  

Have a wonderful weekend and Friday!  I'm really enjoying this fun little link up and reading so many cute blogs!  

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