Friday, September 20, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

Happy Friday!  I'm loving this cooler weather we're having, our windows are open, I'm wearing jeans, a cute tee, and a cozy sweater, and I just enjoyed a PSL, can this weekend start off any better?!!

I'm linking up today with the same cute girls and their fun little link up!  


My birthday is coming up soon and I put together a little wish list for my special day!  These gifts could also be given anytime of year too, no need to limit these gifts to only my birthday!!

{ONE}  Brown Boots

I know, these are hard to pick out without me right there but look at how cute these are!!  I will take one of each please and thank you!  You can find out more about these cuties here!

{TWO}  Cute Champagne Flutes

Because who doesn't need champagne flutes?  I mean really!  Love, love, love these stemless ones
Yes please!  You can find them here!

But can you really go wrong with traditional champagne flutes?  I think not!

How am I over 30 and still not own champagne flutes?!  

{THREE}  A food processor

A few weeks ago, our blender died a painful, glass filled death and I still have not replaced it.  I researched and found out that I have been living in the dark for so long!  Blenders are not for cooking, they are for blending.  If you want to COOK, one must have a food processor!  Where has one been my whole life?!  No wonder I can't make hummus, my blender wasn't made to blend such thickness, but a food processor can and do oh so much more!

Yes please!  14 cup food processor, not one size smaller!  Thank you!

{FOUR}  Personalized Gold Bar Necklace

I've really wanted a piece of jewelry that honored my children and I just can't seem to find one I love.  Enter ETSY!  Can these be any cuter?  I think not!
Only the cutest things ever!  You can buy those here!  Remember, my kids are not Harper which I LOVE or Mckenzie, but Jack, Molly and Will!
{FIVE} A Bike

I had a mountain bike in college and loved riding it, but then life got busy and it became an annoying nuisance in our garage.  So, I gave my bike to my sister-in-law, who was in college at the time, and was happy to see it go to a new home.  Well, now, all of my kids are riding bikes and I'm running behind them.  I don't mind running with them, but they are so darn fast!  My boys pretend they are in a NASCAR race every time!  I would love a new, cute bike for long family bike rides and leave to running or walking at my own pace!  

A basket and a little bell would be perfect for our little bike rides!  I love the retro looking bikes, no need for a mountain bike here!  We live in Kansas and there are no mountains for hundreds of miles!  

{BONUS Gift because I can}  New Iphone Case
My case is pretty relatively new, but it's just not that cute to me anymore!  Meaning, I need a new phone case!  
Another ETSY gem!
Glitter, sparkles and chevron, three of my favorite things!  

Anything else I should add to my list?!  Have a wonderful weekend!  

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Time Jack Ran for Student Council!

Oh, that's right!  Last week, Jacks class held elections for Student Council!  One boy and one girl in each class, 2nd to 5th grade, elected representatives to represent their class, vote on activities and vents to bring to school, and other important issues!  Jack wanted to bring open cafeteria seating EVERY Friday!

In order to run for Student Council, I had to sign a permission slip and we had a long talk about winning or losing.  Jack said he would be happy for anyone in his class, no matter the winner!  Next, he made a poster where my inner teacher, perfectionist was silenced and cringed a little that he designed all on his own!

The final step in preparing Jack was a speech he would give to his class!  Eric helped him compose  the speech which Jack mainly wrote and Molly, Will and I were his audience!  I was very impressed with his promise to be responsible, respectable, and honest!  And, of course, the promise for open seating on Fridays!  Maybe a future in politics?!  

On Election Day, Jack was ready!  He had his poster, which could only be displayed during his speech, and his speech!  He told us that after all 11 candidates gave their speeches, his class voted, but no one knew the results until the following day!  Torture!  Jack felt like he did good and knew he had some votes, but said he was happy no matter who won!  Sweet boy!

The next day was a little nerve wracking!  But, when I picked Jack up from school, he was all smiles!  Yes!  I thought!  He won!  Well, he gets into the car and says, "Luke and Maggie won!  I'm so happy for them!"  What a wonderful boy!  Luke is a great friend of Jack's and Jack said Maggie won because her poster had lights!  

We are so proud of our Jack wanting to run for Student Council, writing his speech, giving a speech in front of his class, and having a beautiful heart for being happy for all the winners!  

Way to go Jack!  We're all proud of you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Favorites! Fall Edition!

I absolutely love, love, love fall!  Today is our first cooler day in a long time, so, in honor of the cooler is all about fall and what I'm looking forward to this season!

 Fall smells are what top my list of what I love about fall!

Just only the greatest smell that weird?  I don't care!  I love the smell of burning leaves!

Only my favorite candles ever...I may light it in the spring, summer and winter!  Maybe!

Delicious food that can only be consumed between the months of September and November!  

Holy yumminess!  
I seriously think about these in March and wonder, why is pumpkin only acceptable in the fall?  Let's make pumpkin an all year flavor and food like chocolate and BBQ!

Hands down, the best apple cider in the world!!  And those donuts are A-MAZ-ING!!
Just add Cool Whip!


Fall Clothes!  Another squeal moment!  Boots!  Jeans!  Sweatshirts! 

Is it obvious I want brown boots?  This is high up there on my must haves for the season!  And I just love the splash of red in the last picture!


 PUMPKINS!!!!  I love pumpkins!

Isn't she the cutest little pumpkin in the world?  How was this 5 years ago?!!

Who's ready to go with me to the pumpkin patch and start decorating?!!  


The fall holidays, celebrations, and festivals are the best!  Halloween is such a fun holiday, love dressing up, trick-or-treat fun, and my kids excitement is contagious!  Thanksgiving is hands-down my all time favorite holiday!  Family, great food, and reflections on what we are blessed with, plus football!  Can you ask for a better day?!  Fall is full of birthdays for our families!  Will turns 4 in a few short weeks and I love that there are so many options to celebrate his birthday!  We also have birthdays for my brother, grandma, Eric's grandma, my mom, my aunt and tons of our friends celebrate their birthdays too...I might also have a fall birthday!  

I love me some pumpkins!

Have a great weekend!  Go out enjoy all the fall-filled-fun in your area!  What are some of the must-do or must-have for fall?!!
Linking up with these great girls!  Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Books I've Read Lately!

I've been reading a lot lately, mostly at night, after the kids and husband are sound asleep!  I just love a good book that keeps my interest and I can be with those characters and in their lives!

1.  The Joy Luck Club

It was really good, until the end!  I just couldn't keep story lines and characters together.  It bounced back and forth between eight characters, and towards the end I just couldn't keep all of them straight!  A good book, I promise!  I think the book would have been better if they focused on the four mom characters and then a second book on the their daughters.  

2.  The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A very good book, great story line and characters!  I was taken away back to high school, where life is fun, confusing, and carefree!

3.  The Future of Us

Another book that brought me right back to high school, it takes place in 1996!  The reference all the music, shows, and very little technology we had!  It's crazy how much has changed in such a short amount of time!  I really enjoyed this book, but I'm so thankful there wasn't Facebook back then!  And, books number 2 and 3 make me a little more nervous about having teenagers!  Whew, that's for a whole different post!  

Now for a few books that I just didn't mesh with!  

1.  Matched

I can not describe how dull, disappointing and boring this book was, painful reading.  I so wanted to know how the series ends, but I won't and I'm ok with that.  First, the writing is slow, doesn't get to the point, and very repetitive.  Plus, there is so much inner dialogue.  Who cares!  Second, they are trying to discover a cure for a disease this is NOT a spoiler, but a very major focus in the storyline and it's so much back and forth, and what about this or that....BORING!!!  Give me some action!  Third...truthfully, there is no third, I got bored and returned the book.  I have better things to read!

2.  The Twelve Tribes of Hattie

I really enjoyed The Twelve Tribes of Hattie, I just wanted more details about each character!  The "Twelve Tribes" is a different chapter about Hattie and her kids or husband.  Very detailed, so much good, rich, compelling story lines, but then, when the chapter is over, so is that person.  On to the next child and it left me craving for more, or what happened to them!  

Now, I just checked out four books that I'm so excited to read, I just can't decide which one to read first!  I have such a rough life!
  **Warning**  When typing in Google, images for Wedding Night, include the author's name.  I just saw images that I can NOT unsee.  

I love Sophie Kinsella and everything she writes just makes me happy!  I've had Wedding Night on my list forever and was so excited to see it finally available!  I'll write about the other ones later, because I really don't know what their about or why I added them to my reading list, but I'm really excited to read them!  All of them look so good!

If you have any great books to you enjoyed reading, please let me know!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friday Night Lights!

Last Friday, we kicked off the weekend in the best possible way imaginable:  At our neighborhood high school for football!  We were planning on a low-key, early to bed night, but our friends invited us over for a tailgate at their house and then walk to the stadium for some football!  How could we say no?!  I'm not a huge football person, I will watch it and enjoy the games, but I think there is something so fun about high school football games!  

Our tailgate consisted of hot dogs on the grill and eating on our friends deck...while the adults cleaned up, the kids had a bit of a dance party!
Some YMCA action going on here!  There were 8 boys and 1 may think poor Molly, but she fit in very well and was the "mother" of the bunch!  

More dancing!  Someone is lifting Jack, I see some karate going on here and no Molly, she could only take so much boys!
We walked over to the stadium and the kids were in Heaven!  Molly loved the cheerleaders and a few of them waved to her, she was so excited!  We saw a ton of friends from school and actually found great seats in the student section!  The students didn't look too happy we were all there, but all of our kids loved it!

Jack with his sweet friends Henry and Preston!
Right before halftime, the news helicopter landed on the field behind the stadium, we had the perfect view!  

The band performed at halftime, along with the cheerleaders and dancers!  It was nice seeing and hearing the band play great music! We normally only hear the band play at 7 a.m every morning!  

We left shortly after halftime, but our Tigers won their first game!  Go Tigers these are the ONLY tigers we cheer for in our family!!    We will be back for sure!  Such a great way to start our weekend!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Faves!

Happy Friday!  Yay!  Here are some Five Favorites I have this week!


M&M Chocolate Chip Cookies!  I made these for Will's first day of preschool, but we all enjoyed this yummy treat!  I found the recipe on Pinterest, but didn't have cornstarch and had to use baking soda instead, the results were wonderful and I will use this recipe again!  


Best quotes of the week, courtesy of my kids!

Molly:  "Are we eating poop?!"  At dinner last night.  No, we were eating stir-fry with beef.  
Will:  "I didn't eat my boogers!"  A repeat from yesterday, I know, but so cute!
Jack:  "Ugh...Why's the TV always on Bravo?!"  He says this a lot and I'm not sure why Jack!

My cute watch and cross bracelet!  I know, another repeat, but look at how cute they are together!!  
LOVE the look, and my cute dress in the background!   
Great girlfriends and long talks!  Will and I  met up with Eric's cousin yesterday for lunch, and she's more of my friend then my husbands cousin!  We just have the greatest talks, get each other, and enjoy the same things in life!  

Do you hear that?  Silence.  I'm all alone in my house with zero kids for the first time in five years.  I really don't know what to do with myself, yet have a millions things to do.  It's odd.  I'm a little sad.  I'm a little happy too, just enjoying the quiet.  

Have a wonderful weekend and Friday!  I'm really enjoying this fun little link up and reading so many cute blogs!  

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Will's First Day of Preschool! (Cue the Tears)

Will started preschool yesterday.  I'm so happy and excited for him, really, I am.  But I'm so, so sad too!  My little buddy is growing up and those anti-aging pills I put in his food aren't working!  I'm kidding, if I had anti-aging pills, I would use those on myself!  Will has always been super so excited to be big and grown up like Jack and Molly, he was ready for preschool!  Backpack has been packed for months, he made bracelets for his teachers, melt my heart, and was dressed and ready at 6:30 yesterday morning!  After taking the big kids to school, we took his picture....

Can he be any cuter?!  He insisted on wearing his Royals hat!

Backpack picture!  He said cheese!

On our way!  Can he look happier?!

Will and his teacher!  He's in the Eager Elephants room and loves his teachers and class!  Who wouldn't ?  His teachers all ready are amazing me and are super sweet!

He then discovered blocks and cars, so I knew he would be fine and have fun!  We kissed him goodbye and I held in the tears!  I made it to the parking lot, the place I usually start to cry!  Luckily, my sweet, understanding husband took the day off!  He held me and just let me cry, since we've been here before!   

During Will's 3 hours of school, Eric and I bought Eric a few suits, which was a lot easier to shop for with the two of us!  We then picked up Will and gave him huge, huge hugs!  He had an amazing day and told us everything, even about a little girl who went to timeout!  The best quote of the day, "I didn't eat my boogers!"  Good job buddy, an important life skill!  We celebrated with lunch at Jose Peppers!  Yum!

My cute lunch dates!  

After lunch, he passed out and took a wonderful nap!  A very successful day!  We love you Puggy Bear and we're so happy for you, now just stop growing up!