Monday, August 12, 2013


We had such a nice, relaxing weekend!  It's exactly what we all needed!

Jack and Molly finished up their soccer camp on Friday and loved it!  Both start practices and games this week!

Oh, how he wants to be a big kid like them!  "I love my brodder and sisterred!"  Oh, how I want to freeze them all at this age!  

Saturday, Jack went to soccer camp with his buddy Alex!  Sporting KC held it at their practice facilities and the boys were in soccer heaven!  While the boys played soccer, Molly and Alex's sister Lizzie played at our house!  Dress up, fashion shows, and lots of art all morning equaled two very happy girls!  Will and Eric had a fun morning going to the park and washing cars!  I dusted the entire house while rocking out to Pandora and got in some major closet clean outs!  An A + day for the whole family!

Sunday, oh glorious Sunday!  I spent the afternoon at a sweet friends baby shower, sipping mimosas and eating a delicious brunch!  Loved watching her open all her adorable presents, crying at all the thoughtfulness from her sweet family and friends!  

As fun as the shower was, I was very, overly excited for the Breaking Bad premier!

Too much?!  Never!  

Obsessed!  If you don't watch Breaking Bad, I apologize and don't be afraid!  But, all five seasons are on Netflix, so run, don't walk and begin watching immediately!  The episode last did NOT disappoint, in fact, I had a hard time sleeping last night due to all my "what will happen..." questions about Breaking Bad!  

I promise I'm not crazy!  


Have a wonderful Monday!  It's a rainy one here but that won't spoil our fun day!!  In the midst of the Breaking Bad excitement last night, Eric was making margaritas and destroyed our, mixed in with the tequila, no bueno!  I'm more bummed about the wasted margaritas!  Going to buy a new blender today, any suggestions?!

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