Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh, Monday!

Where oh where did our weekend go?!  I sure miss summer vacation!'s a look at our fun weekend!
Will and I went birthday shopping for one of the three birthday parties we went to over the weekend!  He picked out these adorable sunglasses for his birthday!  

I picked out this adorable serving dish for my birthday!  No worries, we purchased gifts for the parties we went to!  Those just weren't as cute or fun as the presents for Will and I!

That night, we went to the Kansas Speedway to watch time trials and practice races for a race there over the weekend!  It wasn't one of the popular races for Indy or NASCAR but it was a lot of fun!  Loud but fun! 

Family picture and no that's not me on the left!  

Showing the kids what to do but he was loving it!  Poor Molly covering her ears!

Uncle Todd met us up there with his girlfriend Sarah, that's not her on the right by the way!

Molly thought the seats that spelled out Kansas Speedway was so neat!  It's the little things that impress her!

The next morning, we headed over to Deanna Rose for our old neighbor Ethan's birthday!

Even though it's a farm, there was a neat emergency vehicle exhibit that morning going on at the same time as the party and we watched a helicopter land!

Rode horses!

"I'm a cowboy!"

Rode tractors...

And raced our tractors!

And fished, not pictured is the fish! 

After the party, we went to another one!   Minus the pictures, guess everyone had too much fun! Whew!  We also had a soccer meeting and practice that afternoon!  One tired family means early to bed!

Sunday afternoon we had another birthday party, which was so much fun, I took zero pictures...again!
Papa and Grandma came over after the party for dinner and while Eric grilled burgers on the grill, the kids played soccer with Papa!  Then, Jack kicked his soccer ball in our neighbors yard, which is very normal and frequent....except....

He kicked his soccer ball into those tall bushes! Oops!

After awhile, the ball was found and we enjoyed a delicious dinner with family!  Another early to bed night for kids because 1.  School night. 2.  Breaking Bad!  

No cake for the celebration but wow, so good!

Hope you had a great weekend too!!


  1. Although I am far from a Jayhawk fan, that plate is pretty cute! Where did you find it? Think my sis in law would love it!

  2. cute plate and cracking up at the family picture with the hot chicks :)


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