Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello Friday!

I'm linking up again with these great girls for Five for Friday!


I've been obsessed with green smoothies lately!  I crave them!  I make a different variety daily, but normally I add spinach, blueberries making it more purple than green, peaches, or a banana, some vanilla flax seed milk doesn't taste good alone but it was good in my smoothie, a splash of juice, and protein powder.  Well, I was using Eric's Muscle Milk for protein and it was just the right amount of chocolate.  I didn't realize protein milk makes you gain weight, the opposite of what I want to do!  So, off today to get some protein powder suitable for my needs!  

And yes, everything tastes wonderful in a mason jar!  

Pinterest strikes again, but in a good way!  I made this cute letter B to hang in our kitchen the other day at a friends house!  She hosted a Pinterest party for the mom's and a play date for the kids!  We all left happy!  Everyone had to supply their own craft, but she had staple guns, hot glue guns, scissors, and activities for the kids!  Yes, the perfect party!  For my project, all you need is a canvas, fabric to cover, a little fabric for the middle, and a wooden letter!  Stable the fabrics to the canvas and use glue, I used the all-purpose glue in the brown bottle from craft stores, to attach the letter!  Walla!  I had to paint my letter, so my project wasn't 100% finished when we left, but I still had a fun time!  


The kids and I ventured to the dentist this week!  The kids went on Tuesday and everyone has healthy teeth!  Yay!  I went on Wednesday alone didn't need three onlookers for this trip!  and I had the usual check-up and then got my teeth whitened!  


Jack and Molly are in soccer camp this week and they are loving every second of it!  Whew!  I knew Molly would love it because she LOVES soccer, but Jack was a question mark!  I just wasn't sure how he would do with kids who have played for years and he only had a playing career at the age of three for two months.  So far, great!  He's ready for the season and ready to go pro!

"I"m going to play with Sporting KC when I grow up!"  Jack after four days of soccer camp!

Speaking of soccer camp, it starts at 8:30, meaning, we're getting up at 7:30!  No, no exclamation point!  My kids are so out of their routine and are impossible to wake up!  We are scrambling to make it to camp on time!  What's it going to be like next week when school starts?!!  The positive side, there will be no shin guards, soccer socks, or cleats to put on time two when school starts!  

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Off to wake up my kids are scramble around for the next hour!  



  1. Girl I am with you! I have a green smoothie everyday! The cup yours is in is so freaking cute too. I love the Pintrest craft you did!

  2. I totally agree...everything is good from a mason jar! I haven't tried the green smoothies, but have been meaning to.


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