Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Faves! TGIF!

Can I get an Amen?!  Thank YOU Jesus today is Friday!  This week has put our family through the ringer and back again!


I may have hinted that it's been one of THOSE weeks.  Between being asked when I'm due not pregnant but I can see why she asked, I have gained weight, being told I was a horrible mother by a complete stranger thanks lady, being told by two of my kids they want a new mom and I was mean, I have yelled at everyone in my family even the lady who told me I was a horrible mother, the homework wars started, feel like I can't keep up on anything laundry, papers from school, housework, blogging,bills, illness, yep, going there nerves about Will beginning preschool, starting up speech again, the big kids in school, I could go on!   I have hardly slept due to all the stress of these situations and more, not the best week.  But the bright side....I'm working out more, really watching what I eat, and trying to stay calm, peaceful, and not yell at everything and everyone.  My kids and I have apologized to each other, had lots of snuggles, hugs and love.  Homework wasn't a battle last night.  I'm giving up my worries to God about the preschool, speech, how Breaking Bad ends, the chaos of life and crossing one thing off my list at a time.  The list is long but it will get done.  The piles are slowly getting organized.  The laundry is getting folded and actually put away!  Life is good but hard.  Being a parent is great but hard.  There are a lot worse things that could be going wrong.

I ordered this pretty bracelet on Groopdealz the other day and it arrived on Tuesday!  I love it, wear my cute bracelet daily, and it's a great reminder of His love!


I took this old picture frame, bought some cute scrapbook paper and now we have a place for our weekly menu in our kitchen!  It's a nice, simple touch so my family knows what they are eating throughout the week!  

We were supposed to go camping this weekend but the temps are supposed to be over 100 all weekend long...too hot for this lady to camp outside!  Instead, we have two cookouts planned, relaxation, and a sushi date with one of my favorite friends!  Oh and this...

and reading this...

Amazing book!  Maybe I can do both at the same time?!!

Saying good-bye to summer and hello to September, one of my favorite months!  I loved our summer and will enjoy the last long weekend of summer!  I get an extra day with my kids and husband!  What more can I ask for?!  But, I'm looking forward to a fresh, new month!  And, I'm so excited to decorate our house for fall!  Super, super excited, jumping up and down excited!

Linking up with these cute gals!  Have a wonderful weekend and a great Friday!

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