Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School!

Jack and Molly had their first day of school today!  Both were so excited about their new adventures in 2nd Grade and Kindergarten!  They were also a little nervous about what the day and year would bring, especially Molly!  Poor thing asked me to come to lunch with her to show her where to go and then at the front door of school told me she had no idea what she'll learn this year!  It took all my energy to hold the tears back, reassure her that her teacher will help her with lunch and she will learn so much this year!  I told her she will have fun, meet tons of friends, read more and more, write tons, and want to go back daily!  Tears flowing right now!    

Not sure how or when this happened, but my baby girl is now a Kindergartner!  Love her to pieces and so proud!

My big 2nd grade boy, again not sure when this happened!  So proud of him!

They were ready!

Jack and his teacher Mrs. Mains, he was so excited to find out she was his teacher!  The only reason was "She really smart!"  Excited for a great year in 2nd Grade!  

Molly and her teacher Mrs. Pittman!  She just moved down to Kindergarten from 1st Grade and everyone told us we'll love her!  I know someone who all ready does!  

Getting ready to work!  He's going to have a great year!

Working hard on her school bus!  She's so big!

Story time with Mrs. Pittman, she is such a great storyteller and teacher!  You sometimes just know a good teacher and she's golden!  Excited for a great Kindergarten year!

We left our kids in the safe hands of their teachers, prayed for God to place them in the right hands all school year, for them to learn, grow, work hard, make great friends, and love school!  I'm so excited to pick them up and hear all about their first day!

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  1. This made me tear up....AGAIN!!! How are our babies getting so big?! I hate it, but am so, so proud of them! Jack and Molly look adorable:)!


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