Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Faves! TGIF!

Can I get an Amen?!  Thank YOU Jesus today is Friday!  This week has put our family through the ringer and back again!


I may have hinted that it's been one of THOSE weeks.  Between being asked when I'm due not pregnant but I can see why she asked, I have gained weight, being told I was a horrible mother by a complete stranger thanks lady, being told by two of my kids they want a new mom and I was mean, I have yelled at everyone in my family even the lady who told me I was a horrible mother, the homework wars started, feel like I can't keep up on anything laundry, papers from school, housework, blogging,bills, illness, yep, going there nerves about Will beginning preschool, starting up speech again, the big kids in school, I could go on!   I have hardly slept due to all the stress of these situations and more, not the best week.  But the bright side....I'm working out more, really watching what I eat, and trying to stay calm, peaceful, and not yell at everything and everyone.  My kids and I have apologized to each other, had lots of snuggles, hugs and love.  Homework wasn't a battle last night.  I'm giving up my worries to God about the preschool, speech, how Breaking Bad ends, the chaos of life and crossing one thing off my list at a time.  The list is long but it will get done.  The piles are slowly getting organized.  The laundry is getting folded and actually put away!  Life is good but hard.  Being a parent is great but hard.  There are a lot worse things that could be going wrong.

I ordered this pretty bracelet on Groopdealz the other day and it arrived on Tuesday!  I love it, wear my cute bracelet daily, and it's a great reminder of His love!


I took this old picture frame, bought some cute scrapbook paper and now we have a place for our weekly menu in our kitchen!  It's a nice, simple touch so my family knows what they are eating throughout the week!  

We were supposed to go camping this weekend but the temps are supposed to be over 100 all weekend long...too hot for this lady to camp outside!  Instead, we have two cookouts planned, relaxation, and a sushi date with one of my favorite friends!  Oh and this...

and reading this...

Amazing book!  Maybe I can do both at the same time?!!

Saying good-bye to summer and hello to September, one of my favorite months!  I loved our summer and will enjoy the last long weekend of summer!  I get an extra day with my kids and husband!  What more can I ask for?!  But, I'm looking forward to a fresh, new month!  And, I'm so excited to decorate our house for fall!  Super, super excited, jumping up and down excited!

Linking up with these cute gals!  Have a wonderful weekend and a great Friday!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life Lately....

I can't believe I forgot to post this little beauty from our night at the Speedway a few weeks ago!
A picture that Eric and I laughed at all weekend!
A true treasure!

Anyways, we're still adjusting to our back to school schedule!  Between soccer practices, gymnastics, Back to School Night, soccer games, early release all ready, I know!  Why?!!  Watch D.O.G. pizza party that all of us helped at, Meet the Teacher for Will, whew!  I'm exhausted, and so are the kids!  And I'm looking for a family planner/calendar system to use...any advice?  What do you use?  I have our calendar on my phone, but I always like a paper copy, just not finding what I like!

With school starting back up, I'm back in my routine of working out!  I got way off schedule over the summer lets be honest, since we moved last summer and used every excuse possible!  Not anymore!  I'm waking up early every morning to walk in our neighborhood and I love it!  Such a great way to kick off the day and get the workout done!

My pretty view every morning!  
One morning after my walk, these two were wide awake!
"We look like Daddy!"

I love them!  Please let me know of a calendar system you use for your family, thanks!  Have a great day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh, Monday!

Where oh where did our weekend go?!  I sure miss summer vacation!'s a look at our fun weekend!
Will and I went birthday shopping for one of the three birthday parties we went to over the weekend!  He picked out these adorable sunglasses for his birthday!  

I picked out this adorable serving dish for my birthday!  No worries, we purchased gifts for the parties we went to!  Those just weren't as cute or fun as the presents for Will and I!

That night, we went to the Kansas Speedway to watch time trials and practice races for a race there over the weekend!  It wasn't one of the popular races for Indy or NASCAR but it was a lot of fun!  Loud but fun! 

Family picture and no that's not me on the left!  

Showing the kids what to do but he was loving it!  Poor Molly covering her ears!

Uncle Todd met us up there with his girlfriend Sarah, that's not her on the right by the way!

Molly thought the seats that spelled out Kansas Speedway was so neat!  It's the little things that impress her!

The next morning, we headed over to Deanna Rose for our old neighbor Ethan's birthday!

Even though it's a farm, there was a neat emergency vehicle exhibit that morning going on at the same time as the party and we watched a helicopter land!

Rode horses!

"I'm a cowboy!"

Rode tractors...

And raced our tractors!

And fished, not pictured is the fish! 

After the party, we went to another one!   Minus the pictures, guess everyone had too much fun! Whew!  We also had a soccer meeting and practice that afternoon!  One tired family means early to bed!

Sunday afternoon we had another birthday party, which was so much fun, I took zero pictures...again!
Papa and Grandma came over after the party for dinner and while Eric grilled burgers on the grill, the kids played soccer with Papa!  Then, Jack kicked his soccer ball in our neighbors yard, which is very normal and frequent....except....

He kicked his soccer ball into those tall bushes! Oops!

After awhile, the ball was found and we enjoyed a delicious dinner with family!  Another early to bed night for kids because 1.  School night. 2.  Breaking Bad!  

No cake for the celebration but wow, so good!

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five for Friday~Last Day of Summer Edition!

Wow, with school beginning on a Thursday, today feels like a Tuesday rather then a Friday! A very nice feeling!   So, this little school week has flown by!  Hope we stay this on top of things, organized, arriving at school super early all year long!  I'm not holding my breath on that one!

So, now that Jack and Molly are in school now, we celebrated the last "official" summer day on Wednesday!  I was sad about saying good-bye to our lazy mornings, zero routine, and only focusing on the fun!  But all good things have to come to an end!  We have all been in need of our school routine back, and I just love a new school year, new supplies, new friends, new teachers, new classroom, the excitement is contagious we arrived at school this morning ten minutes before they open the doors, twenty minutes before school started!

So, here is how we celebrated our last fun-filled day of summer!

We met our teachers on Tuesday night and man, we were excited!  We delivered all of our supplies, found our desk or table, saw our old friends and met new ones, and met our teachers!  Plus, there were Popsicles!  A fun night indeed!  Smiles all around from all three kids!  But....

Going back to school means waking up early again!  I found him buried under his covers at 7:30 in the morning on Wednesday, the absolute latest they can sleep in on school days!  And since we had one day before school started, everyone had early wake ups!  He boycotted the early wake up as best as he could....he lost.
We started our fun day at Starbucks for chocolate milks and coffee for me!  A wonderful treat for all of us...except the one in the purple shirt.  I know a smile would be on his face if he was wearing a KU shirt!
Off to the park and then Build-A-Bear!  Molly picked out a new friend and the boys bought outfits for theirs!  
Be still my heart...this picture melts my heart!  
We picked out new books from the library and turned in our reading logs from the summer!  All three kids did a great job reading this summer and we always love going to the library!  We had the place to ourselves, so we built with blocks, read books, and I cried because of how much I was going to miss these sweet kids!  I know it's not college, but still!  Kindergarten?!!  Preschool?!  SECOND GRADE?!!  Too much!

What a perfect ending to a wonderful summer!  I cried again while making their lunches because I'll miss my kids and just love being with them!  This mom gig is some tough work but worth every second of the blood, sweat and tears!  

"The days are long but the years are short!"  

Thanks for putting up with my tears for a second day in a row today!  Linking up again with these sweet girls!  
Have a great weekend!  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

First Day of School!

Jack and Molly had their first day of school today!  Both were so excited about their new adventures in 2nd Grade and Kindergarten!  They were also a little nervous about what the day and year would bring, especially Molly!  Poor thing asked me to come to lunch with her to show her where to go and then at the front door of school told me she had no idea what she'll learn this year!  It took all my energy to hold the tears back, reassure her that her teacher will help her with lunch and she will learn so much this year!  I told her she will have fun, meet tons of friends, read more and more, write tons, and want to go back daily!  Tears flowing right now!    

Not sure how or when this happened, but my baby girl is now a Kindergartner!  Love her to pieces and so proud!

My big 2nd grade boy, again not sure when this happened!  So proud of him!

They were ready!

Jack and his teacher Mrs. Mains, he was so excited to find out she was his teacher!  The only reason was "She really smart!"  Excited for a great year in 2nd Grade!  

Molly and her teacher Mrs. Pittman!  She just moved down to Kindergarten from 1st Grade and everyone told us we'll love her!  I know someone who all ready does!  

Getting ready to work!  He's going to have a great year!

Working hard on her school bus!  She's so big!

Story time with Mrs. Pittman, she is such a great storyteller and teacher!  You sometimes just know a good teacher and she's golden!  Excited for a great Kindergarten year!

We left our kids in the safe hands of their teachers, prayed for God to place them in the right hands all school year, for them to learn, grow, work hard, make great friends, and love school!  I'm so excited to pick them up and hear all about their first day!

Monday, August 12, 2013


We had such a nice, relaxing weekend!  It's exactly what we all needed!

Jack and Molly finished up their soccer camp on Friday and loved it!  Both start practices and games this week!

Oh, how he wants to be a big kid like them!  "I love my brodder and sisterred!"  Oh, how I want to freeze them all at this age!  

Saturday, Jack went to soccer camp with his buddy Alex!  Sporting KC held it at their practice facilities and the boys were in soccer heaven!  While the boys played soccer, Molly and Alex's sister Lizzie played at our house!  Dress up, fashion shows, and lots of art all morning equaled two very happy girls!  Will and Eric had a fun morning going to the park and washing cars!  I dusted the entire house while rocking out to Pandora and got in some major closet clean outs!  An A + day for the whole family!

Sunday, oh glorious Sunday!  I spent the afternoon at a sweet friends baby shower, sipping mimosas and eating a delicious brunch!  Loved watching her open all her adorable presents, crying at all the thoughtfulness from her sweet family and friends!  

As fun as the shower was, I was very, overly excited for the Breaking Bad premier!

Too much?!  Never!  

Obsessed!  If you don't watch Breaking Bad, I apologize and don't be afraid!  But, all five seasons are on Netflix, so run, don't walk and begin watching immediately!  The episode last did NOT disappoint, in fact, I had a hard time sleeping last night due to all my "what will happen..." questions about Breaking Bad!  

I promise I'm not crazy!  


Have a wonderful Monday!  It's a rainy one here but that won't spoil our fun day!!  In the midst of the Breaking Bad excitement last night, Eric was making margaritas and destroyed our, mixed in with the tequila, no bueno!  I'm more bummed about the wasted margaritas!  Going to buy a new blender today, any suggestions?!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Hello Friday!

I'm linking up again with these great girls for Five for Friday!


I've been obsessed with green smoothies lately!  I crave them!  I make a different variety daily, but normally I add spinach, blueberries making it more purple than green, peaches, or a banana, some vanilla flax seed milk doesn't taste good alone but it was good in my smoothie, a splash of juice, and protein powder.  Well, I was using Eric's Muscle Milk for protein and it was just the right amount of chocolate.  I didn't realize protein milk makes you gain weight, the opposite of what I want to do!  So, off today to get some protein powder suitable for my needs!  

And yes, everything tastes wonderful in a mason jar!  

Pinterest strikes again, but in a good way!  I made this cute letter B to hang in our kitchen the other day at a friends house!  She hosted a Pinterest party for the mom's and a play date for the kids!  We all left happy!  Everyone had to supply their own craft, but she had staple guns, hot glue guns, scissors, and activities for the kids!  Yes, the perfect party!  For my project, all you need is a canvas, fabric to cover, a little fabric for the middle, and a wooden letter!  Stable the fabrics to the canvas and use glue, I used the all-purpose glue in the brown bottle from craft stores, to attach the letter!  Walla!  I had to paint my letter, so my project wasn't 100% finished when we left, but I still had a fun time!  


The kids and I ventured to the dentist this week!  The kids went on Tuesday and everyone has healthy teeth!  Yay!  I went on Wednesday alone didn't need three onlookers for this trip!  and I had the usual check-up and then got my teeth whitened!  


Jack and Molly are in soccer camp this week and they are loving every second of it!  Whew!  I knew Molly would love it because she LOVES soccer, but Jack was a question mark!  I just wasn't sure how he would do with kids who have played for years and he only had a playing career at the age of three for two months.  So far, great!  He's ready for the season and ready to go pro!

"I"m going to play with Sporting KC when I grow up!"  Jack after four days of soccer camp!

Speaking of soccer camp, it starts at 8:30, meaning, we're getting up at 7:30!  No, no exclamation point!  My kids are so out of their routine and are impossible to wake up!  We are scrambling to make it to camp on time!  What's it going to be like next week when school starts?!!  The positive side, there will be no shin guards, soccer socks, or cleats to put on time two when school starts!  

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend!  Off to wake up my kids are scramble around for the next hour!  


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh, Hello August!

Hard to believe it's all ready August 7th!  This summer has flown by!  We're all loving the late nights, fun days, but we're all itching for a routine!  Good thing school starts next week!

Here are what our days look like lately!  A very random look at our family!

Will loves NASCAR, Kasey Kahn is his favorite driver and he watches all the races!  Cars and Turbo are his two favorite movies, so racing, cars, and anything fast is what he loves to play!  Here is Will as a NASCAR driver/pit boss!  He runs around, drives his cardboard box of a race car, or yells into the walkie talkie to his "crew, "  no worries, the walkie talkie is off!  Wow, that's one messy kitchen in the background!

Jack eating his breakfast and watching shows!  He loves to eat a long breakfast and relax, all he really needs is some coffee!  

I organized these cabinets!  They are located right off of our kitchen, to the left of them is our garage.  This is where we put backpacks, shoes, crafts, games, Costco items, pretty much, you name it, we put it there!!  Well, with school beginning soon, we had nowhere to put backpacks and the shoes were getting out of control!  Now the shoes go in the coat closet to the right in a hanging shoe organizer or in our rooms, each child has a shelf for his or her backpack and supplies, and it looks good!  Until we went supply shopping and now it's a tad messy again!  I'll post an after picture next week after we deliver our school supplies!

This picture is one of my favorites!  Wearing a bikini, eating ice cream, and daydreaming!  I pray she stays this way always, innocent, excited, confident, beautiful on the inside and out, sweet and not a care in the world...except if there are enough sprinkles on her ice cream!

We ventured down to Crown Center last week with our friends and had a blast!  Kaleidoscope, trains, an outside picnic and the Curious George exhibit plus friends from school!  Yay!  I brought suckers as a dessert and Will loved showing me his blue tongue!  

Amen, Hallelujah, Jack got a haircut!  His last one was at the end of April and refused to get one all summer.  To be honest, that was fine with me!  As a parent, you pick and choose your battles and this was one I didn't want to fight!  So, we made a new family rule, haircuts while in school and on an as needed basis the rest of the time!  

The family ventured down to the West Bottoms last Sunday to look at flea markets and vintage stores!  The kids  were great troopers, Eric actually had more fun then he thought he would and I wanted to stay all day!  Love this chair but it was pouring down rain so I didn't purchase it, and they don't deliver.  I think about this chair all day.  I see myself reading a book, cuddled under a blanket or watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey it's so good!  Thinking I might have to go back down there!  LOVE it and it was super cozy!

The kids finished up their summer of gymnastics with their friends Alex and Lizzie!  The girls and Will were in one session and the older boys were in the second!  We loved Monday's with our friends!  And everyone loved gymnastics!

After gymnastics on Monday, we headed Southwest to Gardner for the Johnson County Fair!  We used to go to fair every year because it was so close to our house, as in we walked there, but this was our first time back since moving away!  Here is Molly and Lizzie, Molly got her head stuck right after this!

Then Alex and Jack had a turn!!

Will wanted a turn with Alex!  

Then Bailey and I had to have a turn too!  I love her face!

That's our life in a nutshell!  Off for more fun for the "last" week of summer!