Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Last Day in Estes Park!

In case you've missed, here's posts on our trip to Colorado Springs,  days two and three, Denver , hiking at Bear Lake in Estes Park, lunch with a moose and feeding chipmunks and here we are at our last day in Estes Park!  

Our last day was such a fun one for our family!  We went horse back riding in the mountains!  Everyone was so excited!  While we were getting ready to go horseback riding, Papa saw a bear run along the path behind our cabin.  Eric and Molly saw the black bears bottom as it dashed down the path and we all went running onto our deck for a glimpse.  No such luck and no pictures to prove, but Papa and Eric were so super excited!  

After that excitement, we headed downtown to buy souvenirs that we promised our kids they could get!  Everyone picked out a shirt and I even got a cute Colorado hat!  Love it!

So cute!  Thanks!  We then headed to the stables!  Since Will is only 3, he went on a pony ride, he choose Peanut!

He was a little nervous at first...

guess who wasn't?!!

Warming up to Peanut!

In love with his new friend!

"I want to be a cowboy when I grow up!"
Of course, Molly insisted she was too little to go on her big horse and wanted to ride Peanut instead!  I informed her that we all ready paid, she was too big enough for her horse, and we have to stick with things we commit to.  Serious lessons on vacation!  Good thing she didn't change her mind, she loved her horse Velvet!

"It's not fair Will gets to go first!"  He went for 10 minutes, she got an hour....wonder what's fair?!  Another life lesson!

Jack on Barren!

Molly on Velvet!

I'm on Phantom, I loved him,  and he was awesome!

All of us, our trail leaders horse was named Will!  

Not pictured is Eric and his horse Morning Star and our other guides horse Valentine!  Why do I look like I was slouching?!  
While we were off riding horses, Will went with Papa and Grandma to the go-carts and went go-carting with Papa!  He loved it!  There may have been two jealous kids.  Life teaches some hard lessons sometimes, doesn't it?!

After we went horseback riding and found Papa and Grandma, we went to eat pizza.  I think it was the best pizza ever, but we were all starving, STARVING, I think the kids would have settled for Sushi and been happy.  So.  Not.  Kidding!  We then took awesome naps, I mean all of us, snoring and drooling, and headed back into Rocky Mountain National Park for dinner and more hiking!


A boy and his stick!

Prepping for s'mores and PB&J's

He worked so hard to get those two logs to the stream!
That's some good food!  No worries, I had string cheese instead of the PB&J!

A tad happier then the above picture!

After our delicious dinner and three s'mores later we took another hike, but went our separate ways!  
Daddy and Molly went one way...

I took the boys another way and we....

threw lots of rocks and dirt for a really long time!

Brothers, love them!


We met up and found a really relaxing spot to watch the water!  We sat there for a long time!  
We loaded up the truck and watched the sun set!  Such a pretty drive back to our cabin!  

What a wonderful vacation that was fun, relaxing, and adventurous!  All of us enjoyed our family time and seeing a new part of the country!  We're excited to visit Colorado again!  Thanks for sharing our journey with us!
Goodnight Rocky Mountains!  We will see you again very soon!!

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  1. I suggest Tennessee for your next could meet Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Ryan there and maybe go to Dollywood.


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