Wednesday, July 10, 2013


After we celebrated the 4th, our family packed our bags again and headed up north to Rock Valley, Iowa!  Never heard of it?!  No worries!  It's a little town in the Northwest corner of Iowa, it has one stop light, only about 800 families, and a very cute little town!  My dad grew up on a farm near Rock Valley and then moved into town after they retired and sold the farm in the 70's.  My mom's parents moved to Rock Valley when she was in college, my grandfather's dream was to open a restaurant in a small town!  Crazy they all ended up in Rock Valley!  Growing up, we headed up there for holidays and I would spend a few weeks every summer up there, I have such great memories and excited to share with my family!  My grandma that lives there is my mom's mom, she's great!

Crossing into Iowa!  
The drive there is around six hours, and let me say, that was one long drive!  Was it the fact that they we didn't leave until after lunch?  No naps?  Can't decide on a movie to watch?  What was it?!!  I've never been so happy to see a hotel ever! 

Right before it went from bad to ugly!  
We checked into our very nice hotel in Sioux Center, like wow!  Best hotel ever!  So clean, lots of room, quiet, and gorgeous view of a golf course!  Awesome!  My grandma came over, a short 15 minute drive, to Sioux Center and we ate dinner in the mall at Pizza Ranch.  The mall was super small and the kids couldn't get over how small everything was about the town...I kept saying, wait until you see Rock Valley!  

The next morning, we drove over to my grandma's house and guess who we saw?!  Boppi and Memaw!  They were staying there with my brother and my aunt and uncle from Atlanta were in town too!  A mini-family reunion!  We hadn't see them in five years!  They are great and were in town for his class reunion and since my dad and Tom are only a year apart, they had all the same friends and my dad went to the reunion too!  Since my grandma lives right across from a golf course, Boppi brought out....

Oh yes, the golf cart!

Everyone got a turn and LOVED it!

After driving around the block a dozen times, we headed into town, walked around, and checked out all the cute shops!  They have adorable antique and secondhand shops, wish we had more time to look or some kids and a husband that would let me!  We then went back to the golf course for lunch, I went there with my other grandma all the time and it brought back so many great memories!  After lunch, my dad took the kids and I out to the family farm (which was sold almost 40 years ago and no longer our farm) and saw where my dad and his dad were born and raised.  I loved seeing it again, the kids, you know kids!  After naps, a few more laps around the neighborhood on the golf cart, we bbqed outside and had a relaxing evening eating, playing "golf" and catching fireflies!  

We woke up the next morning, not ready to go home but we had to!  I promised the kids we would be back and visit Rock Valley again!  Yay for fun family trips!  

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