Friday, July 5, 2013

Five on Friday~Life is Grand Edition

I'm being a little sarcastic on that "Grand" part.  Everything is really good, but I have a few cranky kids from a few late nights, no naps, and I'm on the cranky side because of that, plus our house is so messy!  Guess the cleaning fairy had the month off!

Oh well, I'm so thankful many things and I'm focusing on that today!  I'm linking up with some great gals for....



Girls night and boxed wine, need I explain more?!  We drank this little gem, talked, gossiped, ate yummy food, and didn't look at a clock until 2 a.m.  Such a fun night!  All I have to say is that we need to do it again and THANK GOD for girlfriends!  And cheap, good wine!


Jack got his very first hit of the baseball season in this weeks game!  Go Jack!  Such a proud Mommy moment!  He worked so hard at getting his hit, he's had a bit of an adjustment moving up from t-ball to machine pitch baseball!  

Nothing says USA to me like parades, BBQ, and fireworks!  We did all three yesterday!  The parade was in Lenexa and had everything I parades needs:  firetrucks, bands, candy, and cheerleaders!  As an added bonus, no humidity!!  
Cute kids showing the American Pride!  Nothings bugs me more than people who wear orange on 4th of July, or any non-4th of July colors!  All holidays apply:  You always wear green on St. Patrick's Day, never any other color, orange and black for Halloween even though orange is not my color, you get the idea!  Love getting the kids into the spirit of the festivities!  Let's be honest, all five of us were dressed in our best red, white and blues!

Snuggles with my kids during the fireworks, listening to Molly's commentary on each and every firework I do the exact same thing, she is so my little girl!,  and enjoying the family time that 4th of July offers! I love all the patriotic music, history, and everyone showing their American pride! I truly love everything about the 4th and I'm so thankful to all of those who gave us the freedom to love, honor, serve, and celebrate our country!

Have a wonderful weekend!  

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  1. I'll definitely be checking into that box wine! ;)

    Yay for first hits and parades!


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