Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday!

Friday is finally here, even though we had a fulfilled week, whew, so happy the weekend is here!  And what a weekend we have planned!  More on that next time!  I'm linking up today with these cute gals:


Our family went to the Royals game Wednesday night and had so much fun!  We had seats that were high up but everyone could see everything!  The Royals had a great game and were fun to watch, go Royals!  After the 3rd inning, we went to the lower concourse where there is a huge kids section called The Little K with a playground, batting cages and mini-golf.  We were the "mean" parents that only let our kids do the free things, like the playground.  I'm sorry but we paid a lot to watch a baseball game, and watch baseball is what we'll do!  Luckily, that's what they wanted most of the time!  Food is the other thing they wanted...all of it!  
Speaking of baseball, Jack's baseball season ended last week!  He was on a fun team and we saw a lot of improvement!  The team celebrated the great season with a pool party, pizza and trophies!  


The weather has been gorgeous, mid 80's, no humidity, perfect weather!  So, we've spent most of our days outside, either riding bikes, taking walks, going to parks, and swimming!  I personally love going to parks and I got a rare opportunity to swing on the swings myself!  All three kids figured out how to pump their legs and rarely want me to push them now, sad!  But I love to swing and being a kid again!


My name is Liz and I love Big Brother!  This years cast is not at all my favorite.  At All.  I know trouble begins when someone has a normal name, like Erin, but her parents spelled it Aaryn.  No.  Not a spelling and those are the kids in school who were trouble.  With a capital T.  And she causes trouble, that's for sure!  And I love it, not her, but watching the back dooring, lies, flirting, all of it!  Three times a week and once a year is not enough at all!


A few weeks ago, we traded in my Explorer for a new one!  My old one had some issues, but a lot of little issues were turning into big ones!  So, we started looking around and decided a new Explorer would be best for our family!  We love it, there's a lot of room and lots of fancy features,  perfect for our family!  Not loving having car payments but it happens, and I will take payments over my old car any day!

                                Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy and be safe!

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  1. Oh what I would give for a mid-80's, no-humidity day! I miss Kansas!!! I have a new explorer too and LOVE it! So roomy and I love all of the fancy tricks. Just this week we fit 3 adults and 3 babies in car seats in it to go down to the Children's Museum…and it was comfortable!


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