Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Estes Park: Our Hike to Bear Lake and Alberta Falls!

Thursday morning, we were ALL up bright and early!  We ate breakfast, drove to Rocky Mountain National Park and got ready to hike!

**Warning:  There are a LOT of pictures of trees, water, and not so many rocks!

We started at Bear Lake, so peaceful, lovely, and quiet! Jack had zero fear of anything, wanted to climb every rock and get off the trail as much as possible.  I'm shocked he came home Lyme disease free!

Cute kids, one very brave boy and an adorable girl!

Another Christmas card?!  

Beautiful Bear Lake!

Next, we all ventured up to Alberta Falls!  It was beautiful and the kids did really good on the way up!
Every rock, "Take my picture on top of the mountain!"

Always close behind his big brother!

One of my very favorite pictures!

Alberta Falls!

The boys all the way up by the top of the falls!

That's a long way down, Jack jumped very close to the edge and gave us a heart  attack!

Sigh, so pretty!

Rocks!  Mountains!  Trees!  Snow!
All good things come to an end, and our fun time at Alberta Falls was over, meaning, we had to hike back down to our car.  And, the hike back wasn't quite as much fun!
The best dad ever, he begged to go down near the water!

Resting on the way back...there was a lot of whining, by all five of us!

Why do I always end up carrying everything?!  
We're not even to lunch but this is a good place to stop!  I've never seen our kids so happy to see our truck!  Eric's parents opted going the shortcut way and had us pick them up, so on our way to pick up his parents, we saw Alberta Falls and the kids were so excited to see how far they hiked!  Proud of my little hikers!

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