Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Estes Park: Lunch with a Moose and Feeding Chipmunks!

 If you need a catch reminder about the rest of our trip, check it our here, here, here and here!  

So, we were hiking and the starving, starving, not a good combo, especially with kids, a little heat, and lots of dust!  By the time we made it to our picnic area, they were close to licking the dirt off their  not.  kidding.

Give us anything, we'll eat it!  We promise!

After inhaling, literally, all of our food, we packed up our food and decided to hike around the lake we were next to.  Not sure of the name but it was super pretty, duh!

The pretty lake!

Monkey see, monkey do

Eric, the kids and Eric's dad Papa!

"Take a picture of me next to the pretty flowers!"  So hard for her not to pick every single one!

Can this be my backyard?!

If you ask Will, this is his absolute favorite part of the vacation...throwing rocks into the lake!!

Love all the little streams!  This one was ice cold from all the snow!
So, we're halfway around the lake and all the sudden, two children were in desperate need of the bathroom...which was back near our car.  We ran, sped walked and made it just in time!  While we waited for the rest of our group and Will throwing every rock into the lake we spotted a moose!  He was super big, adorable and chasing a bird!  So much fun to watch!

Isn't he a cutey?

There's about a hundred pictures of him, someone got a little moose happy!
After we met up with the rest of the group, we parted ways and our family went on another little hike after getting a little lost in the park I need to take a map reader course, that thing was so confusing!

Walking along and what do we see?!

A deer!  Right there next to us!


This is Mountain Sheep Lake and look what we found?!  Mountain Sheep!
We decided to head into downtown Estes Park and we did the Sky Cable Car...which is exactly like it sounds!  A small cable car that takes you to the top of a mountain!  
Leaving the gate and going to the top up there

Getting higher

And higher

Downtown Estes Park!

And its lake!

Once you get to the top, you can buy peanuts and feed chipmunks!  

Think this was the only one up there, the rest are quite possibly obese due to all the peanuts

Chasing the chipmunks, they loved it!
 After the ride down, we decided to eat dinner at....

Molly in front of Molly B's!  She was so excited!  The food was so-so, we're not going back for the Cesar Salad, that's for sure but she loved it!  

"Should we get ice cream or not after our ok dinner?"  Deep thoughts by Jack!
And we totally got ice cream!  
No wonder we all passed out that night!  What a fun day!  Up next, horse back riding and more hiking!

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