Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sunday, the day after Betsy and Peter's beautiful wedding, Eric and I packed up our hotel room in the 'burbs and headed into "The City!"  We stopped by and said good-bye to our friends and drove the hour and a half to downtown Chicago.  Not a typo, it took us that long to go 50 miles on a Sunday afternoon, what is rush hour like?!  
Please ignore all the bugs on the windshield and look at the Willis Tower aka Sears Tower!

 Closer view!  

We made it safely to our hotel room, The Omni right on Michigan Ave!  

View from our room!

Another angle!  Would love to live in a big city like this for maybe a month...just for the experience!  

The church right below our room, love it!

We ventured down Michigan Ave and saw...

The Chicago River, Trump Tower but...

We got hungry and thirsty!  We had some appetizers and drinks at the Weber Grill, delicious!  Everything is grilled on charcoal grills, smelled wonderful!  And this adorable little drink, made me happy...lemonade sangria!  Need the recipe ASAP!  The mason jar cup just completed my excitement!

With happy belly's, we walked down to Water Tower and ran into Woody!  And I took Eric into The craziest American Girl store!  His eyes were huge!

Crossed the street and saw the John Hancock building and...

The church where My Best Friends Wedding was filmed!  My favorite!

Love pretty, old churches!

We then just walked around, window shopped and stopped into stores!  Loved people watching too!

Don't remember the name do this store but this is the front entrance!  Those are old sewing machines! Amazing!  The whole store was decorated with old textile and sewing machines!  The clothes were too hip and trendy for me, but there was the coolest leather jacket for Eric!  

We stopped by Garrett's Popcorn to get the kids a souvenir and we may have sampled a few to make sure the world famous popcorn tasted ok!  

We then went back to the hotel to relax but hunger called, darn!  But, we went outside to a monsoon!  Eric really wanted pizza and the original Gino's East was a block off we went!

Except the line was so long to get inside and even longer to get a pizza...sad face from Eric!  No worries, we went to the hotel, dried off and ordered room service.  Expensive, yes.  Worth every penny?  YES!

I ordered a skinny strawberry milkshake and look!  Another mason jar!  Perfect ending to a great day!  

The next morning, we walked to Navy Pier!  We decided on our walk that we had to bring the kids for sure!  Between the museums, Cubs, bus tours, and so many kid things to do at Navy Pier, they have to come with us next time!  We went back to the hotel to pack up, again, but this time for home!  We wanted to spend the rest of our vacation home with the kids!  Crazy how much we missed them!  Before we went home, we had to stop in Davenport, where I lived until I was 14!  First stop, taco pizza from Happy Joes, it fixed the pizza craving from the night before!  Then we drove by my old house...

So cute, such memories!  

We also went by my old elementary school, again, the memories!  So great to enjoy so many great places from my childhood!  Eric wasn't quite as excited about Davenport as I was, so we headed home and picked up the kids Tuesday morning!  

Cheers to fun, relaxing vacations with my husband!  Excited for the last few weeks of summer vacation and planning our next couple getaway!

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