Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping Fun!!!

Last weekend, our family had a fun, action packed weekend!  We went camping with Jack's Cub Scout Pack!  I admit, I used every excuse to NOT go and tried to get out of the camping weekend.  Lets be real, camping is not my thing, bugs, dirt, no bathroom, thanks but no thanks!  But, I went to support my sweet son and I'm so thankful I went!

When we arrived to the camp, everyone was fishing and looked who joined right in....
My cute little girl!  So caught tons of fish, touched several fish and worms, and loved every second of it!

Her first catch of the weekend!  This was before she touched a fish!

We set up camp next!
Jack was an excellent supervisor!  We had a new tent that we were all super excited to check out!  Surprisingly, we all set up the tent with zero problems or disagreements!

Finished!  Cute model!  Eric was known as "The Gear Guy!"  Mainly because he had everything!  Stove, 5 gallon water jug, latern, knife, hatchet, you name it!  Here's his table of goodies, displayed by Molly!

We then put on our swimsuits and went canoeing, fishing, and swimming!
Had no idea Jack could paddle a canoe!  He did awesome though!

More canoe fun!

Supervising!  Isn't he cute?!

Jack and Eric on the canoe!

We then were starving!  Why does being outside make you so hungry?  So, we made foil dinners!  Meat, veggies, and some seasoning over the fire!

Looking longly at the fire...when will I eat again?!  Sigh!  And Jack in deep conversation with his friend Jackson!

Our dinner and chef masters!

Cute boy and delicious watermelon!  

After dinner, the Cub Scouts went out to check the catfish poles!

Look what they caught, a huge catfish!  No worries, he was sent back home!

Then, all the non-Cub Souts aka the sibs went on a boat ride!
Lining up!

What a cute bunch!

After that, we roasted s'mores, told stories around the fire and looked at all the amazing stars!  We went to sleep and slept pretty good ;)!  We woke up to a delicious breakfast the next morning!  Garbage-eggs, sausage and potatoes, yum and homemade doughnuts!  Diet 101 began Monday!  

After packing up, we left happy and exhausted!  Such a fun weekend!  Big thanks to the Baker family for opening their land to us!  And yes, there was a cabin with a bathroom!  YAY!!!

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