Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Betsy and Peter's Wedding!

Last Thursday Eric and I said good-bye to our kids and drove to Chicago for my friends Betsy's wedding/anniversary trip for Eric and I!  Betsy and I have been friends since junior high in Davenport, Iowa but a year after we met, my family moved to Kansas City, so most of our friendship has been through letters, phone calls, Facebook, texts, and some visits!  Remember St. Louis in November?  That was the first time we met each others kids and we met Peter, her now husband!  We all had so much fun in St. Louis and the kids were bummed they wouldn't see Brighton, Betsy's son, but we'll see them again soon!

Now, for their wedding!  Eric and I stayed at their house Thursday night, drinking wine and talking until 2!  It was so much fun!  Then Betsy and I woke up Friday morning to get our nails done, and be the supportive bridesmaid to the Bride!  Helped her finish the programs, got her fed, packed, all nails looking pretty!  Then, Eric and I checked into our hotel to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner!  
It's so nice only worrying about getting myself ready!  I had to capture the moment!  Nails painted, makeup, hair dry and straight, heals and a dress...are pigs flying right now?!

At a delicious dinner after the rehearsal!  We sat with Peter's friend from Kansas City and his date!  A very fun couple to talk to!

The next morning, I was up early to get my hair and makeup done!

My hair all pretty!  Happy I wore it up, it was on the hot side outside!

Betsy getting her hair done!  She was so excited!

My favorite, getting her veil on!

Off to the church!  Champagne, limo and Justin fun!

Waiting on the 'maids to get ready so we could help her get her dress on!


Almost there!  Loved her dress!

So, the wedding was next and I have zero pictures....

Instead, on our way to take pictures afterwards!  We went to some beautiful spots but the Mosquitos were horrible!  We all were eaten alive and poor Betsy had them stuck on her veil and dress, excited to see how the pictures turned out!

At the reception!  Had to get a picture of the limo for the kids!

Inside and the cake!
More cake!  The DJ gave the wedding party glow sticks before he introduced us!  

Not sure why I have no more pictures after this, must be from all the dancing!  Once dinner and speeches were over we danced and danced all night long!  Even Eric, sad I don't have a picture of him!  He was there, promise!  

Congratulations to Betsy and Peter! Hope your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding!

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