Monday, July 15, 2013

31 Days Left

Of our summer!  Why?!  How?!  Jack and Molly start school in one month from today, and we're all loving summer so much, there's no way we only have 31 days of fun and summer!  But, it's reality and we're going to have fun the rest of summer no matter what!!  

Here's a recap on what we've done so far based on our list we made earlier this summer and what we still NEED to do!  

*Baseball games, lots!  Jack's first game is tomorrow night and he plays through mid-July!  Plus, we want to see the Royals and T-Bones!  Yum...I hear nachos with fake cheese saying my name!

**Jack finished his baseball season last Tuesday, bring on the Royals and T-Bones games!  

*Cub Scout Camp!  Jack's first full week of summer will officially be spent at Cub Scout Day Camp!  He's so excited and he'll have such a fun time!  I'm a little dreading the 7:30 a.m arrival to the bus each morning, and Jack will be gone until 4 daily, let's talk about how tired he will be!  Oh well, I know he will love every second of the camp, being with his friends, outside and dirty!  Hope he doesn't come home with a tick as a new pet! 

**Jack LOVED Cub Scout Camp!  "It was the best week of my life!"  

*Swimming lessons!  All three kids are taking lessons or a refresher course!  Molly and Will start next week and they are so excited! 

**In the middle of our last week of lessons!  Whew!  Happy these will be over for awhile!

*Gymnastics!  Again, all three kids are taking gymnastics with their friends and, again, all are excited! 

**Still going strong!  They love it!

*A few trips, I'm starting to get excited about!!  A lot of family trips and one just for mom and dad!  

**Obviously, Colorado and Iowa!  Eric and I have our grown up trip coming up soon and I'm trying to squeeze in a short family trip to somewhere before school starts but it might not work out!  We'll see!  Thinking Branson, MO or Omaha, NE or maybe just a night in a hotel here!  

*Reading and lots of it!  We are doing the reading program through our library and I plan on  going to the library a ton this summer!  Our kids love books and reading, so do I!  Jack and I just started Harry Potter last weekend!  Yay!  My dreams are coming true!  Plus, I'm requiring Jack and Molly, and this means Will too, to read at least 20 minutes a day!  And I have a reading list a mile long....I'll post about that later!

**I haven't posted about my reading list but I've enjoyed lots of books this summer!  The kids are reading away too!

*Writing!  Practicing writing letters and numbers, letters to our friends in Texas, stories, Venn diagrams comparing books to the movie version...anything to practice, practice, practice! 

**I had high dreams and hopes with this one but it's not happening yet!  Maybe now that baseball, speech and swimming lessons are over!  Maybe being the key word!

*Fine motor skills:  Will needs to work on these, getting his fingers stronger!  Lots of play dough (found tons of homemade ones on Pinterest I'm excited to check out and have the kids help make!), cutting, Lego's, mixing colors with eye droppers, beads, marshmallow shooters...get those fingers strong Will! 

**Little Buddy is working hard on those fine motor skills!  All three kids are obsessed with Lego's these days, so that helps!  

*Gross Motor:  Milk jug toss, water balloon games to practice catching and throwing, soccer camp for Jack and Molly...later in August, lots of parks, bike riding, scooters, jump rope, along with swimming and gymnastics!

**When aren't we outside?!  It gets hot but seems like we're always going to parks, riding bikes, playing baseball or soccer!  Jack is really into playing golf right now too!

*Swimming!  Besides swimming lessons, we have our city pool passes and I'm ready to go test out the pools in our area!  Can I be honest?  Missing those Texas pools we all got spoiled with! 

**Yes, we're swimming a lot but I'm not loving our Overland Park pools.  My name is Liz and I've become a pool snob.  

*Play dates!  On our way to school, we talked about who we're having over for play dates this summer!  That will be fun!

**Had a few but need to have more!  Lots more!  

*Water balloon and water guns, enough said!

**Planning a play date where we have friends over for a water day!  Slip-n-slide, water balloons, water table, water guns, etc!  So, stay tuned!

*Making our own chalk paint!  Molly will love this!

**Need to do this still!

*Balloon Ping Pong!


*Science experiments!  Jack loves science, so we're going to make a mess and learn!  And we're going back to the basics!  Color mixing, baking soda and vinegar mixtures, bouncing eggs, oil and water bottles, cleaning penny's, magnets, maybe even a trip to Science City at Union Station!

**No, fail, haven't done one thing!  FAIL!  31 days!  31 days!  31 days!

*Yard Twister!  Been wanting to do this one for awhile!

**Want to do this with our water day play date!

*Lots of art and cooking projects!  Besides the sidewalk chalk paint, but outside collages, nature walks and collages, pudding, cookies, pies want to make my own pie crust, 4th of July treats, fruit kabobs and dip, s'mores squeal!  My faves, homemade milkshakes and ice cream, homemade cheezits, the list is endless!  

**Done, done and done!  Seems like we're always making something!  Molly has asked to make homemade ice cream and pie!  Still want to try the cheezits!  As for the art, done tons of art work but still need to do the sidewalk chalk!

*Kansas City Places to Visit:
-The Nelson Art Museum  **Still need to get there!
-The Plaza:  walk around with the kids, story time at a local book store!  **And here!
-The Zoo:  plan on that one a ton!  Been a few times and that's good until the penguins get there or it gets a tad cooler!
-Deanna Rose  **Went but it started to rain, so we'll be back!
-Farmers Market:  pick up local produce, live music and events!  Love it!  Want to check out City Market too!  **Go almost weekly!  LOVE IT!
-Crown Center:  my kids love it down there, hopefully visit Kaleidoscope or Science City!  **NOPE, darn!  We'll get there!
-Theater in the Park:  At a local park, that shows plays outside! Peter Pan is playing in July!  **Didn't go, but it was so hot and the kids had zero interest!  Maybe next year!
-Movies!  Molly has only been to the movie theater once and Will never has, but all three kids want to see Monsters University and Despicable Me 2!  Let's be honest, I'm excited about both too!  **Oh yes!  FInally, a yes!  We saw Monsters University and Turbo, loved both!  We got advance screening tickets to Turbo in 3D!  Next up, Despicable Me 2 Eric really wants to go and Planes!
-$1 movies at Theater in the Park!  Mary Poppins is playing at the park and it's only $1 per person!  Yay!  **Mary Poppins was playing on our anniversary, so that was voted as a no!  Darn!  We're going to try to see Finding Nemo next week!
-Strawberry and blue berry picking! **Went blueberry picking on Saturday!  Got almost 5 pounds of yumminess! 
-A visit to KU and the museums there! **We have to!  Jack is begging!
-Fairy Garden and Overland Park Arboretum's  **Another must, it's right down the road from us!
-Picnic lunch and playing at Antioch Park, one of our favorites!  **Went with our friends a few weeks ago!
-Royals and T-Bones games!  **We're going for sure now that Jack's baseball is over!
-Mini-golf, heard of a fun place in Parkville, MO!  **Forgot about this one!  
-Camp out....this is for sure on the top of my husbands list, not quite the top of mine  **Going in a few weekends with cub scouts...I'll keep you posted on that one!
-Have a lemonade stand!  **All three kids are begging to do this, just need to get lemonade!
-Fireworks!  Bummed I missed out on Memorial Day!  **Love me some 4th of July fireworks!  And we have some neighborhood shows every night!
-Go to a drive-in movie, might have to settle for the outside movies at Theater in the Park or Crown Center  **Haven't had time to do this one or movies are playing at funky times, like 9 on a Tuesday night...what?!!
-Starlight-Molly really wants to see Little Mermaid!  Jack said he could go too!  **Molly said no to this one for some reason, Jack and I are excited to go though!  Maybe she'll change her mind!
-Jazz Fest  **We were in Colorado
-Dress up tea party  **Another play date for Molly!
-Bowling  **Another must!  
-Midwest Balloon Fest  **Coming in August!
-Sonic Happy Hour  **Done!  Those 1/2 price shakes are too good to pass!
-Build a fort inside  **Currently in our basement now!  Think this current fort has been up for a good two weeks!
-BBQ with friends!  **A few but need to do more!
-Pajama party, movies, popcorn, and stay home all day!  **Is it sad we haven't done this yet?!  

Overall, a pretty good summer but we still have lots to do!  Any other ideas we should squeeze into our last 31 days?!  

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