Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Camping Fun!!!

Last weekend, our family had a fun, action packed weekend!  We went camping with Jack's Cub Scout Pack!  I admit, I used every excuse to NOT go and tried to get out of the camping weekend.  Lets be real, camping is not my thing, bugs, dirt, no bathroom, thanks but no thanks!  But, I went to support my sweet son and I'm so thankful I went!

When we arrived to the camp, everyone was fishing and looked who joined right in....
My cute little girl!  So caught tons of fish, touched several fish and worms, and loved every second of it!

Her first catch of the weekend!  This was before she touched a fish!

We set up camp next!
Jack was an excellent supervisor!  We had a new tent that we were all super excited to check out!  Surprisingly, we all set up the tent with zero problems or disagreements!

Finished!  Cute model!  Eric was known as "The Gear Guy!"  Mainly because he had everything!  Stove, 5 gallon water jug, latern, knife, hatchet, you name it!  Here's his table of goodies, displayed by Molly!

We then put on our swimsuits and went canoeing, fishing, and swimming!
Had no idea Jack could paddle a canoe!  He did awesome though!

More canoe fun!

Supervising!  Isn't he cute?!

Jack and Eric on the canoe!

We then were starving!  Why does being outside make you so hungry?  So, we made foil dinners!  Meat, veggies, and some seasoning over the fire!

Looking longly at the fire...when will I eat again?!  Sigh!  And Jack in deep conversation with his friend Jackson!

Our dinner and chef masters!

Cute boy and delicious watermelon!  

After dinner, the Cub Scouts went out to check the catfish poles!

Look what they caught, a huge catfish!  No worries, he was sent back home!

Then, all the non-Cub Souts aka the sibs went on a boat ride!
Lining up!

What a cute bunch!

After that, we roasted s'mores, told stories around the fire and looked at all the amazing stars!  We went to sleep and slept pretty good ;)!  We woke up to a delicious breakfast the next morning!  Garbage-eggs, sausage and potatoes, yum and homemade doughnuts!  Diet 101 began Monday!  

After packing up, we left happy and exhausted!  Such a fun weekend!  Big thanks to the Baker family for opening their land to us!  And yes, there was a cabin with a bathroom!  YAY!!!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Five for Friday!

Friday is finally here, even though we had a fulfilled week, whew, so happy the weekend is here!  And what a weekend we have planned!  More on that next time!  I'm linking up today with these cute gals:


Our family went to the Royals game Wednesday night and had so much fun!  We had seats that were high up but everyone could see everything!  The Royals had a great game and were fun to watch, go Royals!  After the 3rd inning, we went to the lower concourse where there is a huge kids section called The Little K with a playground, batting cages and mini-golf.  We were the "mean" parents that only let our kids do the free things, like the playground.  I'm sorry but we paid a lot to watch a baseball game, and watch baseball is what we'll do!  Luckily, that's what they wanted most of the time!  Food is the other thing they wanted...all of it!  
Speaking of baseball, Jack's baseball season ended last week!  He was on a fun team and we saw a lot of improvement!  The team celebrated the great season with a pool party, pizza and trophies!  


The weather has been gorgeous, mid 80's, no humidity, perfect weather!  So, we've spent most of our days outside, either riding bikes, taking walks, going to parks, and swimming!  I personally love going to parks and I got a rare opportunity to swing on the swings myself!  All three kids figured out how to pump their legs and rarely want me to push them now, sad!  But I love to swing and being a kid again!


My name is Liz and I love Big Brother!  This years cast is not at all my favorite.  At All.  I know trouble begins when someone has a normal name, like Erin, but her parents spelled it Aaryn.  No.  Not a spelling and those are the kids in school who were trouble.  With a capital T.  And she causes trouble, that's for sure!  And I love it, not her, but watching the back dooring, lies, flirting, all of it!  Three times a week and once a year is not enough at all!


A few weeks ago, we traded in my Explorer for a new one!  My old one had some issues, but a lot of little issues were turning into big ones!  So, we started looking around and decided a new Explorer would be best for our family!  We love it, there's a lot of room and lots of fancy features,  perfect for our family!  Not loving having car payments but it happens, and I will take payments over my old car any day!

                                Have a wonderful weekend!  Enjoy and be safe!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Sunday, the day after Betsy and Peter's beautiful wedding, Eric and I packed up our hotel room in the 'burbs and headed into "The City!"  We stopped by and said good-bye to our friends and drove the hour and a half to downtown Chicago.  Not a typo, it took us that long to go 50 miles on a Sunday afternoon, what is rush hour like?!  
Please ignore all the bugs on the windshield and look at the Willis Tower aka Sears Tower!

 Closer view!  

We made it safely to our hotel room, The Omni right on Michigan Ave!  

View from our room!

Another angle!  Would love to live in a big city like this for maybe a month...just for the experience!  

The church right below our room, love it!

We ventured down Michigan Ave and saw...

The Chicago River, Trump Tower but...

We got hungry and thirsty!  We had some appetizers and drinks at the Weber Grill, delicious!  Everything is grilled on charcoal grills, smelled wonderful!  And this adorable little drink, made me happy...lemonade sangria!  Need the recipe ASAP!  The mason jar cup just completed my excitement!

With happy belly's, we walked down to Water Tower and ran into Woody!  And I took Eric into The craziest American Girl store!  His eyes were huge!

Crossed the street and saw the John Hancock building and...

The church where My Best Friends Wedding was filmed!  My favorite!

Love pretty, old churches!

We then just walked around, window shopped and stopped into stores!  Loved people watching too!

Don't remember the name do this store but this is the front entrance!  Those are old sewing machines! Amazing!  The whole store was decorated with old textile and sewing machines!  The clothes were too hip and trendy for me, but there was the coolest leather jacket for Eric!  

We stopped by Garrett's Popcorn to get the kids a souvenir and we may have sampled a few to make sure the world famous popcorn tasted ok!  

We then went back to the hotel to relax but hunger called, darn!  But, we went outside to a monsoon!  Eric really wanted pizza and the original Gino's East was a block away...so off we went!

Except the line was so long to get inside and even longer to get a pizza...sad face from Eric!  No worries, we went to the hotel, dried off and ordered room service.  Expensive, yes.  Worth every penny?  YES!

I ordered a skinny strawberry milkshake and look!  Another mason jar!  Perfect ending to a great day!  

The next morning, we walked to Navy Pier!  We decided on our walk that we had to bring the kids for sure!  Between the museums, Cubs, bus tours, and so many kid things to do at Navy Pier, they have to come with us next time!  We went back to the hotel to pack up, again, but this time for home!  We wanted to spend the rest of our vacation home with the kids!  Crazy how much we missed them!  Before we went home, we had to stop in Davenport, where I lived until I was 14!  First stop, taco pizza from Happy Joes, it fixed the pizza craving from the night before!  Then we drove by my old house...

So cute, such memories!  

We also went by my old elementary school, again, the memories!  So great to enjoy so many great places from my childhood!  Eric wasn't quite as excited about Davenport as I was, so we headed home and picked up the kids Tuesday morning!  

Cheers to fun, relaxing vacations with my husband!  Excited for the last few weeks of summer vacation and planning our next couple getaway!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Betsy and Peter's Wedding!

Last Thursday Eric and I said good-bye to our kids and drove to Chicago for my friends Betsy's wedding/anniversary trip for Eric and I!  Betsy and I have been friends since junior high in Davenport, Iowa but a year after we met, my family moved to Kansas City, so most of our friendship has been through letters, phone calls, Facebook, texts, and some visits!  Remember St. Louis in November?  That was the first time we met each others kids and we met Peter, her now husband!  We all had so much fun in St. Louis and the kids were bummed they wouldn't see Brighton, Betsy's son, but we'll see them again soon!

Now, for their wedding!  Eric and I stayed at their house Thursday night, drinking wine and talking until 2!  It was so much fun!  Then Betsy and I woke up Friday morning to get our nails done, and be the supportive bridesmaid to the Bride!  Helped her finish the programs, got her fed, packed, all nails looking pretty!  Then, Eric and I checked into our hotel to get ready for the rehearsal and dinner!  
It's so nice only worrying about getting myself ready!  I had to capture the moment!  Nails painted, makeup, hair dry and straight, heals and a dress...are pigs flying right now?!

At a delicious dinner after the rehearsal!  We sat with Peter's friend from Kansas City and his date!  A very fun couple to talk to!

The next morning, I was up early to get my hair and makeup done!

My hair all pretty!  Happy I wore it up, it was on the hot side outside!

Betsy getting her hair done!  She was so excited!

My favorite, getting her veil on!

Off to the church!  Champagne, limo and Justin Timberlake...so fun!

Waiting on the 'maids to get ready so we could help her get her dress on!


Almost there!  Loved her dress!

So, the wedding was next and I have zero pictures....

Instead, on our way to take pictures afterwards!  We went to some beautiful spots but the Mosquitos were horrible!  We all were eaten alive and poor Betsy had them stuck on her veil and dress, excited to see how the pictures turned out!

At the reception!  Had to get a picture of the limo for the kids!

Inside and the cake!
More cake!  The DJ gave the wedding party glow sticks before he introduced us!  

Not sure why I have no more pictures after this, must be from all the dancing!  Once dinner and speeches were over we danced and danced all night long!  Even Eric, sad I don't have a picture of him!  He was there, promise!  

Congratulations to Betsy and Peter! Hope your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

More Books I've Been Reading!

I love to read and I've read some excellent books lately!  I'm excited to share!

1.  Most Talkative by Andy Cohen

I love Andy Cohen, record Watch What Happens Live nightly and watch while I fold laundry!  Love him and the book!  So parts were a tad on the TMI side or a bit dull, but overall I loved his book!  

2.  Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

Another one of my favorites that's been on my must read list for awhile!  I have read all of her books and she is always funny, tells a great story, and there is always some sort of lesson or sweet ending!  Here I Go Again is by far one of my favorites!  Love her!

3.  God Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo

I was in the middle of this one the last time I wrote about books and I LOVED it!  A book that is funny, sweet, makes you cry and get mad, and wanting more to read when the book is over is a winner for me!  I really hope there is a sequel because this was such an amazing book!

4.  The Seven Year Bitch by Jennifer Belle

One of my least favorites but I wanted to know how it ended!  The book is about a woman Izzy married to Russell who makes her unhappy but they can't afford to get a divorce.  They have a son Duncan and then she gets pregnant again, even though she hates her husband.  Sigh.  They also have a nanny that Izzy obsessively tried to help get pregnant.  Odd.  Anyways, I'm happy to see how it ended but Izzy drove me crazy!  

Now Two Books I'm Getting Ready To Read and I'm so excited, I'm not sure which one to start first!

1.  Reached by Ally Condie

The last book in the trilogy and I'm excited to see how everything ends!  If you've read Divergent hurry up October, want to read the last book in that trilogy too this is pretty similar.  Not written quite as well but still a good book, entertaining, and makes you think!  Matched and Crossed are the first two books in the series!

2.  The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis

Saw her on some Oprah special come back Oprah! and was so intrigued by the book, the interview, and by Ayana Mathis!  I heard it's sad, uplifting, and though provoking, I'll let you know my thoughts!

Any books you've read so far this summer?  Would love to add more good books to my must read list!!