Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Fun with The Brew Crew!!

Happy Monday and Happy June!  And, officially, happy summer break!  Here's what we did this weekend!
Jack had his first baseball games this weekend!  Friday night and Saturday morning, he loves it and a ton of his friends from school are on his team!  Here's picture with Jack and his sweet friend Alex, we love him and his family!  

We met our neighbors new puppy Corky, he's a doll and now, we're back to having puppy fever!  This time, we're getting an actual puppy, not a 70 pound one, if we even get a puppy!

After Jack's game on Saturday, we relaxed, grilled out, and played outside all day!  A very nice first day of June!

Sunday, we ventured to Lawrence, one of my favorite places ever!  We drove through the KU campus I tried to convince Eric to quit his job, go to grad school, and all of us live at KU...he wasn't convinced  and walked through the pretty campus!  I just love me some KU!  We tried to get into Allen Field House, but it was closed on Sundays, of course!  I promised everyone Jack that we would come back up this summer when it was open!

Then, we went to the Natural History Museum!  Another favorite!  
Molly at the bug exhibit!

All three kids by the bear...remember this gem from three years ago?

She's so cute!  And the only one brave enough to stand by the "mean" bear!  

We, finally, found a Jayhawk!  

I commented to Eric that I hardly had any pictures with the kids and I, so he insisted that I get into one with with them!  Not the greatest of all of us but I approve the way I look!

Jack's at Cub Scout Day Camp all week, so we are still in school mode, since he has to be on the bus at 7:30 and doesn't get home until 4!  

Hope you all had a great weekend!  

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