Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Best Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich EVER...well, Almost!

When I was pregnant with Will four years ago, I was so sick the entire 9 months.  It was worse the 1st trimester, got a little better in the 2nd, but got worse again in the 3rd trimester.  Not cool.  But, he was worth it!

With being sick most of the nine months, a lot of foods were avoided out of trial and error.  One of those foods, was peanut butter.  I used to eat peanut butter and bananas almost daily for a snack, but, learned the very hard way that Will did NOT like the peanut butter.  I thought it was the bananas, but no, everything with peanut butter in it was not liked.  Sad.

I figured this aversion would go away after he was born, since I had lots of aversions with Jack and Molly's pregnancies and most of those came back with ease still have a hard time smelling raw meat, from Jack's pregnancy but that's a gross smell all ready.  And sometimes get car sick when going on lots of hills, thanks to Molly's pregnancy both of those were worth it too!  Well, it didn't go away once he was born, I still could not eat anything with peanut butter or peanuts without feeling sick or queasy.  Sigh.  Let me add too that Jack and Molly eat Pb & j's or PB sandwiches almost daily, yes, daily!  So, I had to smell and be around the stuff daily.  Not cool.  Sigh, again.  Once Will got to the right age, we tried giving him some PB and he hated it, spit it out and anything with PB had the same reaction from him.  At least I could validate and make some sense out of my problems with peanut butter!  He finally tried bananas with peanut butter last fall and loves that treat, that's all though with peanut butter.  

So, it's been four years that I've avoided anything with peanuts and peanut butter, until today.  I made Jack's lunch for Cub Scout camp yesterday morning and all the sudden everything looked and smelled amazing.  Was it the wonderful shocking to say, hated that smell for so long smell of peanut butter?  The mixture of the peanut butter and jelly?  I will never know.  So, I tried a little spoonful of some peanut butter and it was like a piece of heaven in my mouth and everything was fine!  My tummy was so happy!  And I couldn't stop thinking about the little spoonful of yumminess!  Today, I actually made myself my own peanut butter sandwich.

Preparing to make the best sandwich ever!

The first bite, yum!

If one could inhale food, I think I did here!  
I know a weird thing to post about but I had to share!  I'm really not planning on this to be a daily lunch choice but it hit the spot, I had to talk myself out of eating another one!  Yummy!

***Update!  It's been four hours since I ate that delicious sandwich and sadly, the happiness and yummy thoughts are gone because we're back to reality.  While worth it, looks like peanut butter will only be a distant, far friend.  Thanks for the memories peanut butter, I look forward to trying you again in another four years.

**Side note:  I've been asked if I've tried other nut spreads or alternatives to peanut butter.  I've tried almond butter and the exact same thing happened, but I can enjoy almonds in small doses!  I think I'm going to try sunflower spread next?  Any other suggestions?!

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