Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Road Tripin' to Colorado

Our family spent last week in beautiful, amazing, gorgeous Colorado!  The first Brew Crew vacation ever!  We usually spent vacations traveling back and forth between Kansas and Texas, or a quick weekend trip to San Antonio, Padre, Dallas, St. Louis or New Orleans!  Yay for growing up!  Be prepared for lots of pictures after today's post and a few days to recap!  

Day 1:  Driving from Kansas City to Colorado Springs!

We left for Colorado on Sunday, June 16th, yup, Father's Day!  The kids said we HAD to get Daddy doughnuts for his special day, so breakfast at Dunkin Doughnuts in Lawrence it was!  I think I inhaled two amazing chocolate doughnuts in 0.36 seconds.  Hey, my first doughnuts in over a year, vacation, what's a girl to do?!  I will say, I was stuffed full, not in a good way, afterwards, so not really worth it in the long run, but oh so delicious in the beginning!

After Lawrence, we drove, and drove, and drove!  Yep, not much to report except we saw:

10 trains
5 Doritos trucks
Dozens of cows, horses, and sheep
24 different license plates
100's of acres of farms, fields, and grass
Miles upon miles of wind farms in Kansas
2 very long construction zones

Pretty fun times!  Here are some fun pictures of our exciting trip to the mountains...and let's be clear, you don't see mountains in Colorado until you're about 2 hours or so into the state.  There were lots of "Where are the mountains?"  From the backseat!

Three cute kids ready for the road trip!  This was taken right after we left our neighborhood and those smiles lasted all day!  Yay for awesome travelers!  At least on the way there! 

Wind farms in Kansas, very impressive!  

One very large thunderstorm in Colorado, look, no mountains!

Happy to be in our hotel room and ready for the vacation!  Please ignore the  no makeup, tired, bags under my eyes me and focus on my cute husband!

After we arrived at our hotel, which, we could see the mountains, we checked in, found Papa and Grandma surprise, they wanted to join the crazies, and enjoyed our hotel happy hour!  Drinks for the grown ups, hot dogs, popcorn, and chicken tenders for the kids.  Very well balanced!  

More to come tomorrow!  

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