Friday, June 28, 2013

Road Tripin' Again, Off to Denver and Estes Park!

On Wednesday, we packed up, said good-bye to Colorado Springs and headed north on I-25 to Denver!  Our first stop was Golden and the Alpine Slides!  I love, love, love the Alpine Slides but man, you get high up!  I didn't realize how scared I was of heights until I had a clinging three year old with me on the chairlift!
Will and I on the way up!

Going up!

Papa and Molly, she got as close to him as possible!

Jack in the lead with Will and Papa close behind!  Molly and I were a way behind them!  Everyone LOVED the Alpine Slides!

After the Alpine Slides, we headed over to Casa Bonita, a quirky Mexican restaurant that puts on skits and the actors cliff dive.  Plus, there are caves, theme rooms, and an arcade, fun!

Watching the shows, he loved it!

Slowly warming up, Casa Bonita wasn't her favorite at first.  Maybe it was the ketchup on her burger or the monkey skit where a guy in a monkey suit ran through the audience...she was TERRIFIED!

Not the greatest picture but it works!  Cliff divers!

We left Casa Bonita with full bellies and ventured to Estes Park, with a stop at Wal-Mart to get all the essentials!  Sidenote:  we drove through Boulder, beautiful!  Almost wish I went there for school, such a cute, fun college town!  

With refreshed kids after sleeping in the car for almost 2 hours well, most of them slept, you take a wild guess who didn't sleep, the kids were READY to see our cabin!

Where we stayed, highly recommend our cabin!  It was exactly what we needed, a kitchen, multiple bedrooms and space for the kids!  

The front of our cabin, can you tell who took a great nap?!!

Our view from our deck!  See that path right there?!  A bear ran down that the next morning, he ran so fast that none of us could take a picture!

Our view on our walk!

After we got settled, we headed to downtown Estes Park, only one of the cutest, most quaint towns!  We walked around, checked out all the local shops, and ate some ice cream!  Only on vacation can you eat ice cream for dinner.  Two nights in a row.  The sea salt caramel was heavenly!

That's some good stuff right there!  
Yay for vacations!  Happy Friday!

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  1. What a fun little family trip! And a bear sighting--wowzer!

    So cool that you guys are going to Iowa next week too! My mom is from Clearfield, which is in south-central Iowa. Teeny tiny, as in the population is 300 or something crazy like that! Where will you guys be??


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