Thursday, June 27, 2013

Colorado Springs: Days 2 and 3!

**Caution:  there are A LOT of pictures of rocks.  Pretty, beautiful rocks.  And trees, lots and lots of trees!  Add a mixture of clouds with the rocks and/or trees too!  Just warning you!

Day 2 in Colorado Springs was spent in Garden of the Gods, one of the most gorgeous places!  The name is very obvious after a few minutes of walking around and, seriously, the place gets more pretty with each step!


So, so pretty!

We climbed up there but getting down wasn't quite as fun!

Two of the brave ones going up higher!

I could look at this all day!

The three of us braved this height and a nice guide took our picture!  Can we photoshop  Will and Molly in?!
At the balancing rock!
 After Garden of the Gods, we ate lunch in an airplane!  The kids were in heaven!  We sat on the airplane, and after we ordered our food, the kids were able to "drive" the airplane!  The food was so-so, but I'm so happy we went because the kids had a blast!

Afterwards, we went to the caves and we really wanted to spend more time there, but a thunderstorm came rolling in, so we weren't there as long as we had hoped or to get our moneys worth!

The homes in the caves!  Can't for some reason remember the name but super neat!

The main living area!

He thought he was so cool fitting through that tiny opening!

We ended the day with dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, yum, a rainbow, and a swim in the hotel pool!

Our third day was super fun-filled!  We woke up early and headed to Pikes Peak Highway to make the trek to the top of the mountain!  There is a train but:  1)  it was super expensive for our family of 5  2)  no tickets were available until mid-afternoon and rain was expected around then  3)  motion sickness was more common on the train than driving.  Three obvious reasons to drive!

Making the drive to Pikes Peak Highway!  I could get used to the view!

Look!  Rocks and trees!

Pikes Peak!  At the first stop along the highway!

More rocks and less trees!

Looks like we're driving into the sky!

We made it!  Maybe our Christmas card picture?!
A view from the top!

Heading down!  All rocks, snow and clouds, but no trees!

More rocks and we're back under the tree line!

Can you just smell the yumminess?!

Last stop along the highway!  

After our fun journey, we ate lunch at the busiest Steak-n-Shakes in the world   Then, we rested up and headed back to Garden of the Gods!  Another hike, more beauty, and some firetrucks!  A very exciting afternoon!  We're not sure why there were fire trucks, but we think someone fell.  Not spreading rumors!  That night, more hotel happy hour and swimming!  The kids loved our Drury Inn!

We packed up our things that night to prepare for Denver and Estes Park!  More to come soon!

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