Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Anniversary Travel Dreams

When Eric and I got married in June 2005, we planned on taking an anniversary trip every year Ha!  My how our dreams changed!

1st Anniversary:  Baptized Jack on our anniversary, in the same church we were married in!  A wonderful day, wonderful memories, and all travel dreams were a distant memory!  We celebrated with our families at Old Chicago and tried to eat our freezer burned cake, and of course, watched our video!  

2nd Anniversary:  Took a trip to Vegas a few days before our actual anniversary!  It was a combined anniversary/brother-in-laws 21st birthday trip/travel with other couples type of trip!  We saw the O show, had a lot to drink, rode the New York, New York roller coaster, spent a lot of time in a piano bar, ate wonderful food, we had a great time that's for sure!

3rd Anniversary:  Got ready to move to Houston!  We weren't together on our anniversary that year, I was home alone with a 2 year old Jack and 3 month old Molly!  Well, my girlfriends came over that night and we watched the video together and cried that I was moving away, still a fun night! 

4th Anniversary:  Went to dinner with Jack and Molly to Chili's and then went to bed early, since I was pregnant with Will!

5th Anniversary:  Out to dinner with the whole gang, to Outback.  It was delicious but the knives really stressed me out!  What a weird memory!

6th Anniversary:  Finally!  A trip to New Orleans!  A wonderful, wonderful trip full of amazing food, lots of drinking, and lots of sleeping!  

7th Anniversary:  Last years anniversary was spent in Kansas City, we were in town looking for houses and had grandparents to watch our kids!  We went to the Melting Pot and walked around The Plaza!  An awesome night!

This year, we celebrate EIGHT years of marriage!  Wow!  We have a trip planned in July, so we're counting that as our anniversary celebration this year!  We celebrated with lunch at McDonald's and pork chops with my dad and brother!  We've been talking about next years trip and our trip for the BIG TEN, and trips in years to come!  Here's our list of future, I hope, trips!  And most of these explain how I want to eat delicious food, apparently I like to eat!  I'm OK with that!

1.  Italy!  Hands down, number one!  I want to go all over Italy, get fat by eating all the delicious food, drinking wine, and being with my main man!  I really want to eat outside and just watch Italy walk around me!  While getting fat!  The only time in my life, besides being pregnant, that I want to get fat!

2.  Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA!  I think this one is more realistic then our number one, so I'm planning on this one for next year or the year after!  Want to go to Savannah first, spend a few days there, and then go up to Charleston!  Had tons of friends do this and it sounds wonderful, relaxing, and fun!  And I really want to eat yummy southern food and hear tons of y'alls, is that too much to ask?!

3.  Napa and San Fransisco!  This is more on my list then Eric's, but just to drink wine, eat amazing food, and relax, sounds like heaven!  And then, go into the city, exploring and be a tourist in a fun city, full of awesome things to do...yes please!  

4.  Hawaii!  Eric really, really, really wants to go on this one, and I do too, but not sure why it's not higher for me.  I know its beautiful, relaxing, full of beautiful mountains, beaches and oceans...OK, sounds awesome!  I'm there!  Can I please just lay in a hammock and take a nap on one of those days?!  

5.  New York City and Boston!  We've both been to NYC separately and want to go together!  We have both seen things there the other hasn't seen, he went to the Empire State Building, I have not.  I went to a Broadway show, nada for Eric!  After some fun in the city, like walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, seeing a few shows, going to the Empire State Building, you know, we want to take a train to Boston, where neither of us have been to!  Ideally, we want to take a family trip to Washington D.C., spend a few days there, take the train to Philadelphia, New York City and Boston, spending a few days in each city.  

6.  St. Bart's or any Caribbean island!  Beach, drinks, and nothing else, yes please!

Take me here...NOW!
7.  Alaska!  Think this one will be a cruise, we've had several friends and family go on this cruise and loved it!  They also said it was a great way to see Alaska!

8.  London and Paris!  Really, do I need to say anything else?!!  A bonus:  to see fireworks in either city or have tea with Kate!

9.  Turkey!  I know it sounds weird, but we have friends that have visited there several times and rave about it!  Their pictures are AMAZING!  Not sure if its the safest place but I want to go there!  

10.  Australia!  Another no brainer!  I want to add New Zealand too, after watching several seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, I have always wanted to go, especially on a zip line through the rain forest!

11.  Brazil!  It looks so beautiful there!  And I've watched tons of House Hunters International and Rio de Janeiro looks like the city to be in!  

12.  Austria!  This one will most likely be tied into Italy, but I've wanted to go to Austria since I was a little girl, watching The Sound of Music!  I'm such a nerd but so what!

13.  Greece and Croatia!  Not the safest countries currently, but so, so, so beautiful!  

Oh how I want to be there right now...Greece looks amazaing!!

14.  A yacht in the middle off a small island in the ocean somewhere!  Must be warm weather, hardly any waves, and fully staffed.  Thank you!  Or in Greece, I'm not picky!

15.  A hut in the ocean, preferably in Fiji!  Do I need to explain this one?!!

or I would settle for this room

I'm really not picky!

**A cruise used to be at the top of my list, but not anymore!  I have never been on one and after all the problems lately, not really rushing to go on one!  I'm sure they're fine, clean, safe, and those incidents are rare and few in luck, there would be worse the sewage, fires, and sinkage.  Not sure what is worse, but I don't want to find out!  Maybe someday I'll change my mind?!  I know I said above I want to go to Alaska on a cruise ship, but that's going to be years down the road, right?!

Where are some places you want to visit with your love?!


  1. We did Sonoma for our honeymoon and it was so perfect! It is a little more laid back than Napa (think family dog meeting you at your car)!
    We've also been to Maui- gorgeous and relaxing (expensive!!!).

  2. They all sound perfect Liz! Happy Anniversary!

  3. What a fun blog entry!! Loved reading about your top list and I totally forgot about your third anniversary watching the wedding video! What a fun night that was! Wasn't there a tornado warning out???


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