Thursday, May 2, 2013

the Little Things!

I'm here snuggling with my sweet little Pugs on this cold, rainy day.  I've been reminded all week about how important the little things are in life that make the biggest impact.  I tend to forget that a smile or a wave to a neighbor, matter more then my to do list or laundry!

Almost every afternoon, on our way to pick up the kids from school, Will and I would see a sweet old man walking and he ALWAYS stopped walking and waved.  Not just to us, but to everyone!  Will and I would wave back and then after we picked up Jack and Molly, the four of us always waved at him again on our way home!  I just enjoyed seeing him daily, but then winter came and we didn't see him for a few months.  I was thinking about him as the weather started warming up, when someone from school posted on Facebook that the sweet man had passed away a few weeks ago.  We found out his name was Jack love it! and everyone in our neighborhood knew him as the waving man!  Earlier this week, we saw this sign on our way to school:

I couldn't think of a better way to honor such a sweet man!  I may have never said one word to him, but he touched my life, my family's life, and our entire neighborhood and school community!  What a great way to be remembered!  Every time we are playing outside, I wave at every car that drives by, smile and say hi to everyone who walks or runs by our house, and reminding my kids that it's OK to say hi to someone.  Don't go into a strangers car, yes, never!  Say hi or wave, yes!  Do it!

Another person who has touched my life also passed away this week.  My Great Aunt Pat, my grandma Mary's youngest sister, was one of the most caring, compassionate, sweet, and loving ladies I've met!  My grandma came from a huge family, but they were the sweetest family that had so much love for others!  I knew most of her siblings and loved being around them as I grew up, except for the family reunion in the middle of Pennsylvania when I was a teenager, Amish country tour wasn't my cup of tea that trip!  Aunt Pat was the youngest, was an educator, and was very easy to talk to, I just loved spending time with her, especially after my own grandma passed away.  My grandma Mary shared her love and passion of reading to me, and showed me the importance of being nice to everyone, waving hello, saying hello to strangers, and smiling!  I miss her!  Aunt Pat was so similar to my grandma, and I just loved seeing her!  But, Aunt Pat lived in Pennsylvania, so the last time I saw her was at our wedding, but she will be greatly missed and holds a special place in our hearts!  I have a feeling that Aunt Pat was embraced her family and friends when she got up to Heaven!  

Two more angels watching over us now and two people that made such a wonderful impact to my life!  

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