Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Praying for Oklahoma

My heart is aching right now for everyone in Moore, Oklahoma.  I've been praying for

...the parents sent their children to school yesterday morning and now can't find their children

....those poor children trapped, injured, or who died

...their teachers who did their best to protect and shelter them from the storms

....for everyone who lost their home, pets, a loved one

....all the people who watched it with their own eyes, trapped on I-35, hopeless, scared, and helpless

...the rescue workers, first responders, medics, fire fighters, police officers, and all the volunteers who will search, rescue, clean up, and rebuild Moore, Oklahoma

Moore was one of our pit stops when we used to drive from Kansas City to Houston.  The images are surreal of the devastation.  And hearing that two schools were leveled, several dozen children are missing, and seeing the debris that flew miles and states away.  Then hearing politicians, reporters, and talk show hosts making jokes, blaming global warming, or pointing fingers at other political parties, so wrong, so not right, and lets focus on helping and praying and moving forward.  

I'm praying to God to help answers prayers, questions, and calm us.  God, show us the rainbows!  I'm holding my kids extra tight, giving extra kisses, and remembering to not yell because at my kids because I put too much ice in a water bottle (that may have happened and I feel really guilty).  We hugged and said our I love you's and hugged again.  A lot of families don't get that today. 

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  1. Well said, Liz. My heart is just breaking watching it all on the news. Praying for some miracles!


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