Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of School!! My, How They've Grown!!

Yesterday was the last day of school!  How in the world has another school year ended?!  Why are my kids growing up so fast?  I keep putting anti-aging pills in their food I'm so totally kidding but I wish I really could but they just keep on growing and aging!  I'm so happy to have them all home with me but I'm so sad too!  Sigh! are pictures of Jack and Molly on their first and last days of school for the 2012-2013 school year!

Jack's 1st day on the left, he looks so nervous!  And of course, he was!  But the picture on the right says it all, he loved school!  Every second of it!  Such a relief that he adjusted so well!

Molly's 1st day on the left, she was a ball full of excitement!  This girl has always loved every single part of school!  She loved it starting on day one, and the picture on the right is from her end of the year celebration!  Molly had a great year!

Jack with his teacher, Ms. Santa Maria!  Isn't she cute?!  He thinks so too!

Molly with Ms. Amy!  Molly has always loved her teachers and tells us she wants to be a preschool teacher, what a compliment to all of her wonderful teachers!

We are very thankful for the great school year, school and teachers are children had this year!  I'm still, I know, STILL, adjusting to the standards and expectations in Kansas vs. Texas, huge, huge difference.  But, my kids learned a lot, grew a lot, met a lot of friends, and loved going to school daily!  What more can I ask for?!

And now, to start off your weekend with a wonderful Molly quote, who is more then excited for Kindergarten.  "Maybe, next year, they will call me Kindergarten Molly!"  Man, I love that girl!

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