Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Favorites!

Happy Friday!  Whew, what a week!  We have NOTHING planned this weekend and I'm so looking forward to relaxing with my family!  Here are some of my favorites from this week!!

Love this new shower curtain I picked up at Target this week!  The kids bathroom is a light gray and our red one we've had since we got married was looking a little dated, so I picked up this beauty!  It really brightens up the small space and I love it!

The weather is beautiful right now and all of our windows are wide open!  I love the breeze blowing through all the windows of our house!  And I wish this was my window!

I'm loving my new glasses and this little girl!  She had her end of preschool celebration yesterday and I'm a proud mama!  

I love this creamer so much, it's the perfect balance of chocolate and cream for my coffee.  I also like their vanilla!  But, it's been hard to find lately!  Why?!

Love, love, love maxi skirts!  They are so cute, so comfy, and can be worn all the time!  I love wearing them with a tank top and flip flops, but dress up the outfit with cute sandals and a necklace!  Fingers crossed this style stays forever!!


grilling out...

and a cold margarita or sangria are on the agenda for our Memorial Day weekend!
What are some of your favorites?  Any big plans for Memorial Day?  Have a great weekend!

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