Monday, May 6, 2013

All I want for Mother's Day is...

Is that too hard to ask for?  I love them all so dearly, but a day, alone, I would cry tears of happiness! I'm only half kidding, I love my kids and husband!  For a moment or two, lets forget the traditional Mother's Day gift list and work on these beauties instead!
1.  Use the restroom without someone asking me what I'm doing in there, what do they think I'm doing in there?  And how come Eric can go to the restroom and no one bothers him at all?!!
2.  Not sweep entire meals off the floor after every meal!
3.  Have a least one clean room in the house, not even clean but clutter-free!
4.  If one see's pee on or around toilet, they would wipe it up all by themself!
5.  A mimosa at breakfast, margarita at lunch, a tall bottle glass of wine at dinner, and coffee and baileys for dessert...too much?!
6.  For Eric to go grocery shopping, but use my list, my meals, coupons, and not go over budget!  And he could not bring home any frozen pizzas, chicken wings, nuggets, fish sticks, brownie mix, or cookie dough!
7.  Everyone to lick their plates and dinner and rave on and on about my meal planning, cooking skills, and the wonderful, delicious meal everyone begged for thirds and are stuffed full!
8.  The laundry fairy to fold, put away, iron, and hang up all the clothes!
9.  Shoes magically put away!
10.  No one melts down over:  "I only have jeans to wear today and I want swishy pants (athletic pants for non 7 year olds),"  "Those pants are so ugly, I will never wear those ever, yuck!"  "You need your nails trimmed!  No, NO NOO!"  Screams, wails, cries, throws monster fit over disgusting nails.
11.  Everyone else clean up their own mess, room, homework, etc
12.  To lay in bed all day and read a really good book.  I must be 100% healthy, being sick does not count for this one!  I would take laying on hammock too!
13.  A hammock.
14.  If brushing your teeth, make sure you spit in the sink, not the mirror, side of sink, around the sink, floor.  And if your spit and toothpaste are still in the sink, run a little water over it all and wipe the sink out!
15.  Someone else to prepare, make, plan, deliver all the Mother's Day gifts for the grandma's and great grandmas!  I'm speaking directly to you Eric!

Lucky me, Mother's Day is not the only holiday our family will be celebrating this year!  Eric turns the big 34!  Let's add more's his dad's birthday the day before!  Yay!  So, the kids and I are making Mother's Day presents for the grandma's and great-grandma's, birthday presents and cards for Papa and Daddy, and it's also Teacher Appreciation Week!  So, my little wish list above will have to wait, but I would take only one or two things off of it!  Hint: #1!

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