Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pine Wood Derby

We're back!  Whew!  And get ready for lots of backtracking and posts about our lives the past two months!

Jack is in Cub Scouts and loves it!  He has learned so much, had fun, and met a lot of great friends!  Back in November, the Pack Leaders gave the boys the kit to make their Pine Wood Derby.  I had no idea what the Pine Wood Derby entailed, but Eric and Jack were so super excited!  The Pine Wood Derby took place the first Monday of February and they worked on Jack's car from the end of November to late January!  This Pine Wood Derby business is for real!  Tools, special weights to make the car go faster, it had to be a certain weight, height, cut, and it had to be painted!  Ugh!  So much for one car!  But, my boys were so excited!

After all the prep-work, the boys were ready and super excited!  And of course, Jack was sick the day of the race.  Of course!  Shh...we took him anyway.  I know, parents of the year but he worked so hard for 3 months and then to miss it?!  He was crushed when he woke up the morning of the race with a high fever and said he felt fine.  Poor guy, slept all day and was still sick.  We decided to take him that night, as long as he touched no one and didn't go near anyone!  He did pretty good, had fun, and slept the entire next day!  Poor guy!

The race track, pretty fancy!

Jack's car, number 10!  It was so hard to not help him decorate and paint his car, he wanted LSU for some reason!

All the other cars!  I think he's more inspired for next year after seeing the other cars!

Jack's and his friend Preston!  

Jack, Molly, Ethan (our neighbor across the street), and Will watching the races!

Jack's car on the left!

Another action shot!
His car wasn't the fastest but he had so much fun creating his Pine Wood Derby car from start to finish!  Such a fun night!  Eric and Jack are all ready making plans for next years car!

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