Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Family Herb Garden!

I am not known for having a green thumb and normally plants don't stay alive under my care.  I was nervous when pregnant with Jack, if I couldn't care or tend to plants, how could I keep a baby fed, clothed, washed, alive?!   Not sure why I thought plants were comparable to humans.

Well, Jack is alive and thriving, whew, so I figured I should try plants again.  I am so annoyed at buying herbs at the store for outrageous prices, so I went to Pinterest to investigate growing an herb garden.  I wanted easy and herbs that I would use, plus a project that wouldn't break the bank!  I researched and finally decided to put my plan into action!

What you will need:
Herbs, whichever ones you want!  I went with basil, mint, lavender, cilantro, and rosemary.  I bought herbs that were all ready sprouted but you can get seeds, up to you
Mason jars for the herbs 
Cheap clay pots for drainage

First, smash the pots using a hammer, my kids loved this part!  Put the larger broken pieces into the bottoms of the mason jars.  Rocks work too!
Add some soil and remove the herbs and soil from its package and put into the mason jar.
Put herb tag in, only if you want!  I wanted to use chalk paint but it didn't look very good and was super runny.  May look for chalk labels!  
Ta da!  Place in a sunny to semi-sunny place and water as needed!  Our little herb garden is in the window above our kitchen sink and I love it!  And so far the herbs have lasted almost a week, think that's a record for me keeping plants alive!

Please share easy herbs you've grown or veggies I could try outside!  Molly really wants to plant flowers next!  Thanks again to Pinterest for the inspiration!

The final product!  Love my herb garden and I'm so excited to use my fresh herbs!

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