Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Molly's Rainbow Party

Molly and I had so much fun planning her birthday party!  She wanted a rainbow party and not once changed her mind!  I booked the gymnastics party she begged for and prepared for a fun party!  Until over a foot of snow shut down everything on her birthday!  I thought for sure that everything would be open the next day, Friday the 22nd, but I was wrong.  No school meant gymnastics was closed, no parties there, and I scrambled around finding a spot for her party that night.  Most places were closed, too outrageous in price, or I wasn't desperate enough (I couldn't do Chuck E Cheese to save my life). I also didn't want a house full of people, so we settled on bowling! It turned out to be a fun, easy party, I was bummed that we couldn't bring in any of the games or activities that Molly and I planned, maybe next year?!   All the kids had a lot of fun, as you'll be able to see in the pictures!  Molly said it was her best birthday EVER!  We love our girl and happy that she was happy!

 Enjoy the pictures of the cake prep and party!  I really hope someone took a picture of the inside of her rainbow cake, it turned out wonderfully but I forgot to take a picture!  I loved party planning with my Molly!

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