Friday, April 26, 2013

Jack Turns 7....Only A Few Weeks Late!

Finally getting around to this one, he's not 7 and 1 month yet, but close!
Easter weekend kicked off on Friday with a special birthday, Jacks!  He turned 7, yay!  Why does 7 seem so old and grown up?!  Oh wait because it is!  He was super excited for his birthday, KU basketball that night, and his birthday party sleepover!    And who wouldn't be?!
He opened presents before school, he got a new sleeping bag, a Jayhawk, books, and a Chief's sweatshirt!  Plus lots of cards, phone calls, and birthday greetings from friends and family!

He had a great day at school, including Krispy Kream doughnuts, lunch with his favorite brother and sister, and lots of friends and classmates singing him "Happy Birthday!"  After school, we got ready for the sleepover, sent Will off with Papa and Grandma, we traded Jack's friend Alex and gave his family Molly for the night, and thanked God for a beautiful night!  The boys played baseball, basketball, rode bikes and scooters, frisbee, and tag!  We sort of watched the KU game but it wasn't pretty!  After pizza, cookie cake, a glow in the dark egg hunt minus the eggs, darn Pinterest fail,  he opened more presents!  more Royals gear, Legos, Star Wars gear, and a few gift cards!  Than, we got ready for bed!  The boys were so calm, relaxed and almost asleep during "The Lorax," but got their second, or third, winds afterwards!  That was fun!  Around 11, most were asleep!  Whew!  

They were all awake by 7:30, inhaled pancakes and waffles, and had more fun playing!  Everyone was in their right homes, including our kids, by 9:30!  

The entire 1st Grade singing to him at lunch, he's so cool!

Opening presents before school!  

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