Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is it Friday?!

Easter weekend was a tad on the busy side for our little family!

Jack turned 7 on Friday!  I'm still in denial that he's 7, he's so grown up!

We ate lunch at school with Jack and the entire 1st grade sang "Happy Birthday" to him!
That night six 1st grade boys spent the night for the 1st Brew Crew Sleepover!

Molly had her first soccer game!  She's a Silver Star and loved every second of it!  The picture above is the team practice before the game!  And Ms. Molly scored the 1st team goal!!  Go Molly!
Molly with her team!  Her friend Avery with the red hair, opposed to her friend Avery with the blonde hair, is on her team!

Easter Sunday, Jack and I went with our friends Cam and Jill to Peter Cottontail at the Kaufman Center!  Super cute show!  Afterwards, we had Easter dinner with Eric's family!

Monday and Tuesday were normal, uneventful days!  Then Wednesday...
Will falls off the bathroom counter while reaching for his toothbrush and bites his bottom lip all the way through!  Off to the ER!
This is Will playing with his trucks, watching Daniel Tiger while numbing cream numbs his cut.  He was a Rock Star!

Looks small but the inside cut was huge!  Only needed tape and glue to fix it!

Final picture with the tape!  Poor buddy was a trooper!

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