Thursday, April 4, 2013

And She's 5 Folks!!

How, why, when?!  I can't believe it!

The night before her birthday, we decorated the house and her door with streamers!
Streamers for Molly's birthday!  And a sign in case she forgot how old she was turning!
Last night as a 4 year old!
 The next morning, our birthday girl woke up to almost a foot of snow, a snow day, and lots of presents!
All lined up to watch the birthday girl open her presents!

Molly and Huggy, Jack's bear!

Eagerly awaiting the presents!

Princess Puzzles!

Fruit snacks, another birthday tradition!

A Leap Pad!  Yes!  And it's purple!
 After presents and waffles for breakfast, we all headed outside to play in the snow and shovel!  Will stayed out the longest and Molly lasted about 5 minutes!

Driving in the snow!

"Helping" Daddy!

Where we found these two most of the morning!  

Hot chocolate after playing in the snow!

A very cold, wet and happy little boy!
 Molly wanted Steak and Shake for her birthday dinner but most restaurants were closed, so we went out for Mexican.  Not her top choice but it was still yummy food!  Afterwards, we came home for brownies, her dessert choice!
Love her cute face!

Yum, brownies!
All about the birthday party tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Molly!

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