Friday, April 26, 2013

Jack Turns 7....Only A Few Weeks Late!

Finally getting around to this one, he's not 7 and 1 month yet, but close!
Easter weekend kicked off on Friday with a special birthday, Jacks!  He turned 7, yay!  Why does 7 seem so old and grown up?!  Oh wait because it is!  He was super excited for his birthday, KU basketball that night, and his birthday party sleepover!    And who wouldn't be?!
He opened presents before school, he got a new sleeping bag, a Jayhawk, books, and a Chief's sweatshirt!  Plus lots of cards, phone calls, and birthday greetings from friends and family!

He had a great day at school, including Krispy Kream doughnuts, lunch with his favorite brother and sister, and lots of friends and classmates singing him "Happy Birthday!"  After school, we got ready for the sleepover, sent Will off with Papa and Grandma, we traded Jack's friend Alex and gave his family Molly for the night, and thanked God for a beautiful night!  The boys played baseball, basketball, rode bikes and scooters, frisbee, and tag!  We sort of watched the KU game but it wasn't pretty!  After pizza, cookie cake, a glow in the dark egg hunt minus the eggs, darn Pinterest fail,  he opened more presents!  more Royals gear, Legos, Star Wars gear, and a few gift cards!  Than, we got ready for bed!  The boys were so calm, relaxed and almost asleep during "The Lorax," but got their second, or third, winds afterwards!  That was fun!  Around 11, most were asleep!  Whew!  

They were all awake by 7:30, inhaled pancakes and waffles, and had more fun playing!  Everyone was in their right homes, including our kids, by 9:30!  

The entire 1st Grade singing to him at lunch, he's so cool!

Opening presents before school!  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Margaritas, Girlfriends, and Texas!

Mama needed a break.  From the cold, freezing, snow in April Kansas.  I needed to pee alone, not asked a thousands whys and questions a day.  I needed long, meaningful talks with great friends.  To sleep in, dress cute, and eat a meal that I didn't prepare and enjoy!  Last weekend I went on a girls trip to San Antonio, one of my favorite cities, and  it was one of the best weekends ever!

I left bright and early Friday morning, my first stop, Houston, Texas!  I had a 2 hour layover there and it was so nice being back "home" for a bit!  Saw and heard everything Texas, cowboy boots and hats, "Y'alls," and even "A fixin!"  From the airplane from Houston to San Antonio, I had an excellent view of the Houston Zoo, Ikea, Eric's old office building, and Katy, TX!  Yay!

I landed in San Antonio, and anxiously awaited for Jill's flight!  Can I just add, I loved just people watching and hanging out in the airport.  I couldn't do it daily, but love,love, love people watching and San Antonio did not disappoint!  Anyway, Jill's flight arrived, Kami and Marie picked us up, and we headed off to our hotel on the River Walk!!  After watching Friends, reading some magazines, and talking, we headed off to our hotels Happy Hour!  Free drinks and food?!  Yes, please!  Kami was in Heaven!  We drank, talked, took pictures, and headed off for some delicious, yummy Mexican food!  And yummy it was!  The margarita was better!!  After we licked our plates clean, we headed over to Howl at the Moon piano bar!  How can you go wrong with pianos, Jay-z and Eminem songs, mixed in with some country music and fun friends, it was so much fun!  Until someone, I won't say her name, needed tums.  So, we headed back to the hotel and slept like we did before we had kids!

The next morning, we were up for breakfast, dressed and went shopping!  We went to DSW, Bealls a store I had never heard of but Kami loved, cute stuff, TJ Maxx, Wal-Mart, Michaels, and lunch!  Whew!  I promise we had fun, Eric and a few other husbands were surprised by our store choices, but we had so much fun, promise!  We even but temporary highlights in our hair before Happy Hour!  Wild girls!  After another Happy Hour, we set off for The Alamo!  1.  We had a few free drinks 2.  Some type of ceremony was going on there 3.  Hard to get a decent picture of 4 girls and The Alamo!

After our picture session, we tried on hats, found souvenirs for our families Eric wasn't overalls impressed by his boot koozie, so rude!  And headed off to find more Mexican food.  No worries, found it and dinner was amazing, so were the drinks, and dessert Diet 2013 started Monday! 

Jill needed to be at the airport early Sunday morning, so we were all up by 6:20 ish!  Fun!  We took Jill to the airport, took one last picture, and said a sad goodbye to her!  The three of us ate a great breakfast and had the best conversation!  Good thing I had a few hours before my flight, the three of us talked and talked, a very common theme of the weekend!  After getting ready, packed, we headed off to the airport again!  I only cried a little, I just love my friends! The four of us got along s great, it's as though no time has passed since we last all saw each other!

Thank God for amazing friends!  We spoke about how God knew what he was doing when he put not just us, but our playgroup, children, and our lives together!  Like goosebumps and crazy real!  So cool!  Thanks for a great weekend girls! Happy to be home and getting lots of love from my family, but can't wait until Girls Trip 2014!!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Case of the Mondays

My house is a mess
The kids have no school today
We are all in our pajamas and its almost 11
I just wrote a blog post about Jacks birthday and Easter, but it some how got lost in cyberspace
I have a ton of laundry to wash, fold, and put away
It's a cold, chilly day
My kids apparently never eat because about every ten minutes they ask if its lunch time
Molly's room looks like a tornado hit
Will is struggling with his speech words this week, poor buddy
I don't think I drank enough coffee this morning

But, I love today because all my kids are home!  We have no where we have to go!
The laundry will get done, we will get out of our pjs, I will rewrite about Jacks birthday and Easter, but right now I'm loving life!  This is exactly what I've always wanted because the mess, kids, lack of coffee is what I'll look back on one day fondly!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Our Family Herb Garden!

I am not known for having a green thumb and normally plants don't stay alive under my care.  I was nervous when pregnant with Jack, if I couldn't care or tend to plants, how could I keep a baby fed, clothed, washed, alive?!   Not sure why I thought plants were comparable to humans.

Well, Jack is alive and thriving, whew, so I figured I should try plants again.  I am so annoyed at buying herbs at the store for outrageous prices, so I went to Pinterest to investigate growing an herb garden.  I wanted easy and herbs that I would use, plus a project that wouldn't break the bank!  I researched and finally decided to put my plan into action!

What you will need:
Herbs, whichever ones you want!  I went with basil, mint, lavender, cilantro, and rosemary.  I bought herbs that were all ready sprouted but you can get seeds, up to you
Mason jars for the herbs 
Cheap clay pots for drainage

First, smash the pots using a hammer, my kids loved this part!  Put the larger broken pieces into the bottoms of the mason jars.  Rocks work too!
Add some soil and remove the herbs and soil from its package and put into the mason jar.
Put herb tag in, only if you want!  I wanted to use chalk paint but it didn't look very good and was super runny.  May look for chalk labels!  
Ta da!  Place in a sunny to semi-sunny place and water as needed!  Our little herb garden is in the window above our kitchen sink and I love it!  And so far the herbs have lasted almost a week, think that's a record for me keeping plants alive!

Please share easy herbs you've grown or veggies I could try outside!  Molly really wants to plant flowers next!  Thanks again to Pinterest for the inspiration!

The final product!  Love my herb garden and I'm so excited to use my fresh herbs!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Molly's Rainbow Party

Molly and I had so much fun planning her birthday party!  She wanted a rainbow party and not once changed her mind!  I booked the gymnastics party she begged for and prepared for a fun party!  Until over a foot of snow shut down everything on her birthday!  I thought for sure that everything would be open the next day, Friday the 22nd, but I was wrong.  No school meant gymnastics was closed, no parties there, and I scrambled around finding a spot for her party that night.  Most places were closed, too outrageous in price, or I wasn't desperate enough (I couldn't do Chuck E Cheese to save my life). I also didn't want a house full of people, so we settled on bowling! It turned out to be a fun, easy party, I was bummed that we couldn't bring in any of the games or activities that Molly and I planned, maybe next year?!   All the kids had a lot of fun, as you'll be able to see in the pictures!  Molly said it was her best birthday EVER!  We love our girl and happy that she was happy!

 Enjoy the pictures of the cake prep and party!  I really hope someone took a picture of the inside of her rainbow cake, it turned out wonderfully but I forgot to take a picture!  I loved party planning with my Molly!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

And She's 5 Folks!!

How, why, when?!  I can't believe it!

The night before her birthday, we decorated the house and her door with streamers!
Streamers for Molly's birthday!  And a sign in case she forgot how old she was turning!
Last night as a 4 year old!
 The next morning, our birthday girl woke up to almost a foot of snow, a snow day, and lots of presents!
All lined up to watch the birthday girl open her presents!

Molly and Huggy, Jack's bear!

Eagerly awaiting the presents!

Princess Puzzles!

Fruit snacks, another birthday tradition!

A Leap Pad!  Yes!  And it's purple!
 After presents and waffles for breakfast, we all headed outside to play in the snow and shovel!  Will stayed out the longest and Molly lasted about 5 minutes!

Driving in the snow!

"Helping" Daddy!

Where we found these two most of the morning!  

Hot chocolate after playing in the snow!

A very cold, wet and happy little boy!
 Molly wanted Steak and Shake for her birthday dinner but most restaurants were closed, so we went out for Mexican.  Not her top choice but it was still yummy food!  Afterwards, we came home for brownies, her dessert choice!
Love her cute face!

Yum, brownies!
All about the birthday party tomorrow!  Happy Birthday Molly!