Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I seriously have the best, most amazing husband EVER!  He fixed my bugged computer.  All.  By. Himself!  Studly.  I'm so behind on blogging and I miss it so much!  Yay for getting back into the Blog world!

Sadly, I have a 3 year old we "thought" was "ready" to end his naps.  We thought wrong and he is now crying over nothing.  And that's the way its been since about 4 this afternoon.  Note to self:  Don't mention nap time to a crying, overtired 3 year old when getting rid of naps.  He will cry more.  I promise!  Nap time commences tomorrow!

I also have an almost 7 year old who stayed up late because of Cub Scouts last night and is slowly, oh so slowly, getting off of his Spring Break schedule.  While reading aloud his reading books today, he asked me what "rr" sounds like in a word.  I told him he knew that, easy peasy.  He started crying.  Hmm...really?

No worries, our 5 year old is all good!  Whew!

On to start dinner and lots of blogging in the next few days!  Thanks for sticking with me!

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