Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I seriously have the best, most amazing husband EVER!  He fixed my bugged computer.  All.  By. Himself!  Studly.  I'm so behind on blogging and I miss it so much!  Yay for getting back into the Blog world!

Sadly, I have a 3 year old we "thought" was "ready" to end his naps.  We thought wrong and he is now crying over nothing.  And that's the way its been since about 4 this afternoon.  Note to self:  Don't mention nap time to a crying, overtired 3 year old when getting rid of naps.  He will cry more.  I promise!  Nap time commences tomorrow!

I also have an almost 7 year old who stayed up late because of Cub Scouts last night and is slowly, oh so slowly, getting off of his Spring Break schedule.  While reading aloud his reading books today, he asked me what "rr" sounds like in a word.  I told him he knew that, easy peasy.  He started crying.  Hmm...really?

No worries, our 5 year old is all good!  Whew!

On to start dinner and lots of blogging in the next few days!  Thanks for sticking with me!

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Have a virus on my laptop, so not cool!  Using the iPad for this one and praying we get our laptop a workin' soon!  And sorry about the pictures, format, how do i work this thing?!!  Anyway, In the past month....

I got mono, like as in the kissing disease mono.  Not fun.

We had over 2 feet of snow in four days .  

Jack went to school a total of 9 days in February.  That is not a typo.  Four sick days, two days off for conferences, President's Day, and four snow days equal nine days total of school.  And the kids get another full 10 off for Spring Break, that's a lot of time off!  

Molly turned 5!

It snowed over a foot of snow on her birthday!

We had her rainbow birthday party, it was so cute, except for the fact that it was cancelled due to the snow and we went bowling instead!

More snow came four days later, meaning two days off of school, play dates, sledding, and a crazy house!

Molly met a neighborhood girl, who will go to school with her next year!  Yay!

Will loves to wear bunny ears.  All.  The.  Time.

All three kids love their new rain/snow boots.  Snow boots were sold out, so we got the next best thing!

We went to a birthday party at an indoor trampoline place, so awesome!

Our family adopted an 18 month old dog, Fuzzy Bear!  Fuzzy for short!

Fuzzy went back to the shelter four days later, that's a fun story!

Molly and Will started swimming lessons, they are in heaven!

Jack lost another tooth!

A few more super fun birthday parties!

The kids went "camping" in our living room last Friday night, they slept great but were all wide awake by 6:30.

I really didn't realize how much I missed blogging, happy to be back!

It snowed a foot of snow on her birthday, see...