Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday! Happy Day!

Happy Monday!  Happy President's Day!  Whew, I feel as though the past few weeks have been crazy!  Jack was out sick two weeks ago for about four days, he was a very easy patient but I couldn't get anything done!  Last week, we had Valentine's Day parties, a field trip for Molly, doctor's appointments, Molly's Kindergarten orientation I didn't cry but how is she going to Kindergarten in six months? Then basketball games, my parents in town, Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, and lots of days off of school due to conferences and President's Day.  And now, they're saying on the weather that snow and ice are coming on Thursday.  Kids are crossing every finger and toe for a snow day.  Because, you know, they haven't had enough days off in the past two weeks!

This week is only going to be more fun, someone has a birthday on Thursday...

Our Sunshine Molly turns 5 and these have been the fastest five years ever!  She is bursting with excitement and had an early celebration with my parents on Saturday.  Starting with lunch at Steak-n-Shake, they painted pottery and then headed off to Costco.  For her birthday, she received tons of clothes, which she needs, and a huge bag of gummy worms and bears from Costco.  She loved spending the day with my parents and she loved painting her rainbow with my mom!  We ate dinner last night at my in-laws and she said, "I love eating dinner with Papa and Grandma!"

Off to prepare for her birthday on Thursday and her party on Friday!  She picked rainbows and I'm having so much fun preparing for her party!  Thanks Pinterest for all the great ideas!  And thank you Molly for not changing your mind!  Love my sweet little girl!  

Have a great Monday!  

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  1. Sounds like you guys have been busy! I haven't thought about it like you just said ~ that the girls will be in kinder in 6 months ~ yikes!

    Happy Birthday planning! I booked Lyla's for Storybook Cottage, so it should be easy ~ yay for that!


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