Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Monday! Happy Day!

Happy Monday!  Happy President's Day!  Whew, I feel as though the past few weeks have been crazy!  Jack was out sick two weeks ago for about four days, he was a very easy patient but I couldn't get anything done!  Last week, we had Valentine's Day parties, a field trip for Molly, doctor's appointments, Molly's Kindergarten orientation I didn't cry but how is she going to Kindergarten in six months? Then basketball games, my parents in town, Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent, and lots of days off of school due to conferences and President's Day.  And now, they're saying on the weather that snow and ice are coming on Thursday.  Kids are crossing every finger and toe for a snow day.  Because, you know, they haven't had enough days off in the past two weeks!

This week is only going to be more fun, someone has a birthday on Thursday...

Our Sunshine Molly turns 5 and these have been the fastest five years ever!  She is bursting with excitement and had an early celebration with my parents on Saturday.  Starting with lunch at Steak-n-Shake, they painted pottery and then headed off to Costco.  For her birthday, she received tons of clothes, which she needs, and a huge bag of gummy worms and bears from Costco.  She loved spending the day with my parents and she loved painting her rainbow with my mom!  We ate dinner last night at my in-laws and she said, "I love eating dinner with Papa and Grandma!"

Off to prepare for her birthday on Thursday and her party on Friday!  She picked rainbows and I'm having so much fun preparing for her party!  Thanks Pinterest for all the great ideas!  And thank you Molly for not changing your mind!  Love my sweet little girl!  

Have a great Monday!  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Let Me Introduce Myself

I've been blogging for almost 4 years and my posts focus normally on our children, their crazy ways, my reaction to the craziness, and that's about all.  Not much about who I am.  Last week, at a mom's group, we had to go around our table, say our name, and tell everyone who you are.  Um.  What?  So, we all went around the table, said our names, and all said, "I'm a wife and mother."  Our speaker for the day said that yes, we're all wives and mothers, but we are more then that and we deserve to be more!

So...let me introduce myself:

My name is Liz, legally Elizabeth, but I really don't like going by the name ever.  At all.  Never.

I've been called:

Libby (I love this one but no)

But Liz is the one that has stayed with me the longest.  I like it, it suits me, and Liz is who I am!

I am a wife and mother but also...

A child of God, there is so much to be thankful for and He truly is always there, has a plan, and reminds me daily that He knows what Hes doing!  Just Trust Him and enjoy!

A reader, love to read and the perfect day is reading a good book with a cup of coffee or a cold beverage...on a beach or poolside?  I'll take the book for now, maybe just laying in my bed!

A workout enthusiast...loved the Y and Body Attack, Body Pump, CSI, but those days are over, so I've been doing yoga, Pilate's, and Jillian Michael's 30 day shred.  It's not the same as working out in a group but it's working and I really am liking yoga!  I'm hoping when the weather gets warmer, to start up running again or buying a new bike to ride with the kids to school.

A great girls nights, with wine, great conversation, and lots of laughter!  Love talking on the phone, getting a text from a sweet friend, or bumping into an old friend at random places!

A rising chef...I'm working hard in improving my technique with cooking and baking.  I want to make yummy food for my family but also want it to be semi-healthy.  I love trying new recipes, getting new ideas on what to do with food, such as ground meat...ugh, it gets so boring!

An organizer...when I feel the need to!  I have so many projects but wait until there is so much clutter or mess and then I go crazy organizing until I'm burned out, repeat cycle!

A Jayhawk...I actually went to a few colleges when I was younger but my heart will forever be a Jayhawk!  Love that school, the traditions, our life in Lawrence, and passing on our love to our children!  Rock Chalk Forever even when they embarrass themselves to TCU, really guys?!

Annoyed at my cell hasn't worked very well since we've moved.  It's mute at random, camera decided to stop working, freezes up all the time, restarts mid-phone conversation, some tines I'll being texting, and it randomly goes to the Internet or to my contacts, so not cool.  I'm up for a new phone later this month, yay!  This is not my text but might as well:

A may have realized this from the above "organizer" category.  My New Year's Resolution was to stop procrastinating over everything, I'm doing a little better but not great.  I just wait until the last possible second to do things, which drives me crazy, stresses me out, and I swear I'll never let that happen again.  Until the next time.  Not good, but like I said, I am working on it and I've been getting better!

I get grouchy when I'm hungry or tired, call me a child

I need this pillow

I also want to have a glass of wine around 2 most afternoons, I don't, I promise!

I have really low blood pressure, one time a nurse had to bring in the doctor to take my blood pressure because it's so low.

I find so much joy in silly, pointless things in life, like:

Loves...Top Chef, Andy Cohen and Watch What Happens Live, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and New Jersey are two of my favorites, dark chocolate, wine, margaritas, word searches, sudoku, teaching, loves to shop but not spend money, hot showers, hair cuts, massages, music, boots, The Pioneer Woman, coffee, taking a walk on a warm day, laying out by the pool and reading a magazine, Target, wearing flip flops, cute earrings, purses, Pinterest duh!, old Friends episodes, blogs, being outside on a warm day, crushed ice, sushi, fall leaves, candles, fireworks, Cinderella and most of the Disney movies.

Dislikes...mayo, cinnamon, hot dogs, extreme cold and extreme hot, pedicures...I like the end result but not the process of getting there, bread, cleaning bathrooms, doing my hair, Justin Beiber he's a little too high matience for me, ice, my car when it leaks water every time it rains, buying stamps, weighing myself, stepping on Lego's, Calliou the worse kids show ever.

I hope this helps you know me a little bit better!  I am a wife and mother first but I guess there's more to me then that!