Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Where are Jack's Teeth?!

Last night while the kids were getting ready for bed and brushing their teeth, Will was staring at Jack.  Jack was looking in the mirror while brushing his teeth and admiring his empty mouth.  Jack is missing his two top teeth and two bottom ones are very close to coming out!  Jack would brush the top teeth, spit, examine his teeth in the mirror, proceed to the bottom row, and repeat the cycle.  Will was fascinated!  I helped Will finish up his brushing and told him he needed to keep brushing his teeth everyday to keep his teeth healthy.  Will replies, "more healthy then Jack's teeth, all of Jack's teeth keep falling out because he does bad at brushing!"  Love my observant 3 year old, poor guy is so confused over all of Jack's teeth falling out!

Love this guy so much!

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