Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What the Kids are Saying

We went to a basketball game at our local high school a few weeks ago...the boys loved every second, Molly did not.  She needed a drink, the bathroom, to walk around, starving, she was starving, and wanted us to walk home.  She drove everyone around her crazy, and we love her to pieces!  Cheerleaders and a band didn't distract her, but towards the end of the game, she wanted to go look for the pool.  "Where's the pool?  Where's the pool, I want to find it."  I kept asking her why she thought there was a pool.
"Those kids over there (the high schoolers in the crowd) are dressed in their swimsuits and are going swimming after the game."  They were dressed for Hawaiian night.

At the same game...Jack, "What channel is this basketball game on?"  Eric, "It's not on TV."  Jack, "Oh, then are my basketball games on TV?"  You know, for his 1st grade basketball team.

Every time we ask Will to say please, he says, "Please, please, chocolate pudding."

Today at gymnastics, Molly's class was playing with the huge parachute and the entire class went under.  Will, watching through the window, went, "Oh no!  Where's Molly?!"  He was so concerned about his big sister!

Banana-head is a new nickname around here.

Why?!  This is Will's new favorite.

Dinner's not even ready and I hear from one or all three children, "Ew!" "Yuck!"  "Worse dinner ever!"  It's really an ego booster.

"You're my favorite Mommy"  and "You're the best Mommy I've ever had!"

Will started soccer yesterday, which was so adorable but he was a little on the shy side.  Meaning, he held my hand the entire time.  Well, except for the last 4 minutes when it was time to clean up, he was all over that!  But, on the way home, "I scored three goals!  I'm a big boy playing soccer!"

"If it's this cold, where's the snow?"  Best question ever.

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