Thursday, January 31, 2013

Time is Going a Little Too Fast

As January comes to an end good bye January, don't hurry back!  and I start planning for February, filling out my calendar and writing down important dates, I realized I will be attending Molly's Kindergarten orientation and we will celebrate her 5th birthday.  What was that?  How is she growing up so fast?!  I think it's pretty obvious that I have a hard time coming to terms that my children growing up and aging or me realizing that I'm aging fast and I just want to hang on to these early years.  I am so thankful that I am home with our children and get to be here for every ouchy, cuddle, and life event!  But, little by little, everyday, you have to let go and let them grow, which I didn't realize would be so much fun either!  I knew it would be hard but I didn't count on how fun it is to hear Jack talk about school and his friends, what he's learning and experiencing!  I love Molly telling me about preschool, watching her dance and sing at story time at the library thank you for a wonderful new library and story time!!  and seeing her do gymnastics is a highlight of the week!  Will, oh Will, my sweet little guy who loves soccer, dinosaurs, not real ones though, just pretend dinosaurs, and is so ready to be big "like my bother and sitster!"  each day is so much fun!  I love every age and stage my kids are experiencing, and I love that I'm right there with them!  But now, I'm signing Molly up for Kindergarten Kleenex please, Jack's striving in 1st grade, and preschool registration is right around the corner for Will...ugh!  Stop!  But it won't stop, they will keep on growing, learning, needing cuddles, and love, which I will always be happy to give and a few extra!!

Here are some cute "old" pictures of my sweeties!  To be honest, all of these pictures were taken yesterday it seems like, crazy!

One of my all time favorites of Jack, love this little fella!  Melts my heart that he's now an almost toothless guy again and turning 7 soon!
Just add a little more hair and teeth and that's Molly today!  See hasn't aged one bit!  She'll be thankful for that at my age!  Love this precious little girl! 
I truly think this is one of my favorites!  The hair, the sweet smile, the Will! There are way better pictures of him but this one always makes me smile!
Really, this was only a little over 3 years ago!  
Three little Jayhawks!
Thanks for letting me share and be sentimental!  Have a Great Day!!

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