Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Soccer Star Will!

Oh yes, that's right, our Will is playing soccer!  He may be a little try a lot on the active side and needed to do something with all of his energy!  Of course, he is too young for basketball, baseball, and gymnastics and swimming for kids his age were only Mommy and Me, which doesn't work because 1. Molly would have to sit and watch, alone.  2.  He clings to me anytime I'm in the room with him in classes and large groups.  No.  I finally found Happy Feet Soccer for kids ages 2-5, a 30 minute class to teach kids soccer skills, sing songs, and get out tons of energy!

The first class was fun...he held my hand the entire time and finally let go to clean up and get a stamp.  Things have improved since, he plays the entire time without me and loves it!  Here is a bit of picture overload of our cutie playing soccer!

Stretching at the start of class!
Lining up for the soccer balls!
His favorite part, getting ready to kick the ball!

Tiptoeing on "Bob the Soccer Ball" 

Such precious little feet!

Kicking the ball backwards



Love it!

He would love to kick the ball, run after it, and repeat...all day long!

Playing a game, waking up the dinosaurs, these are the sleeping dinosaurs

More practicing!

Cleaning up, one of his favorites!

Stamps are so cool!

We love soccer!

This is his "Mom, are you done taking pictures now?" look!
Go Will!  Love seeing my guy playing soccer!

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