Monday, January 14, 2013

Go Wildcats!

Jack is playing basketball this winter and he is doing awesome and we've seen such improvement over the past few months!  Last fall, he participated in a weekly basketball class before his team started practicing.  Since his school had so many boys sign-up, they split into two teams but still practiced together throughout December.  The way the league set things up, the boys practice right before the game, love it!  Except for the fact that we have to arrive at the school a early, games run over, and we have two little ones that are bored by the time halftime rolls around!  We learned the hard way the first game by bringing nothing for them to do!  Second game, we came with toys, coloring books, and Molly made a new friend with a Hello Kitty Ipad game!

Here are pictures from Jack's second game, which was by far the best of the two games so far!  And thanks to Eric's dad, my dad, and brother for attending the games!  Maybe an extra thanks to Eric's dad for taking Will and Molly home with him at halftime of the first game!

Practice with his team!

Love that smile!

His team, no worries, they only play 3 on 3!

Coach Scott giving the team some game advice!


Working on defense, something they didn't so good at the first game!

Such form
Right after halftime, after coloring and before the Ipad!
Both teams after the game!  

 Stay tuned for more updates on basketball, he has games though February!

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