Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012

The final Christmas decorations are away!  Whew!   We had a wonderful Christmas and celebrated with all of our family, a first in five years!  

On Tuesday, December 18th, we had Christmas with Eric's whole family!  Three types of chili, games, and presents!  Such a fun night and the kids were so excited to get the holiday season started with their aunts, uncles, grandparents, and Mogo!  

After that we had school holiday parties and our first snow day!  Love fresh, clean snow, it's so beautiful and there's a sense of calm watching it fall down!  

Our backyard

Another view!  

Front yard!
Our first snow day consisted of screaming and screeching when they all saw the snow for the first time, playing outside (some kids lasted over an hour, one lasted not even five minutes), cuddling on the couch and watching Christmas movies!  

Sunday, December 23rd we celebrated my families Christmas!  We had appetizers for dinner, a gift exchange and white elephant gift exchange!  A few of us even wore our favorite Christmas sweaters!

Rudolf noses!

Man, they're cute!

I think the sweater, Rudolf nose, and antlers are a perfect fit for the evening...I'm a classy lady

Yes!  Star Wars Lego's!

Merry Christmas!

I wonder what everyone is looking at?!

I had to step in and help with presents, someone maybe the one wearing the Chiefs jersey, kept opening presents that were being saved for Christmas 

Who kept opening presents?

She was a little excited about this present!  Thanks Boppi and Memaw!
Christmas Eve we hosted both families over for taco night and getting ready for Santa!  The kids were slightly excited!  

Opening Christmas pajamas!
 And now, we take a moment to look at our attempt to get one decent picture of our children.

This is a the best one

Going downhill


Two for three isn't bad

We were losing them


Sibling shot
 Once we got cookies and milk for Santa, said our prayers and surprisingly went to sleep without a fuss, we got ourselves ready for Santa!
Santa presents and A Christmas Story, do we really need a 24 hour marathon of the movie? There are so many wonderful Christmas movies, this being a good one, that could be on at this time!  

 Christmas morning was so much fun!  The kids played with all their Santa presents, we opened all of our presents, Boppi and Memaw came over, we made homemade doughnuts, and spent all day in our pj's playing, cuddling by the fire, and watching Christmas movies!  That night, we went to Eric's cousins house!  Delicious food, great company, and family!

Inspecting and comparing presents!

For some reason, Will's new bike was a popular gift!

Light Sabers!

It was a little hard to walk in their!

Yay!  Christmas morning!

Anyone else feel like cleaning?

He takes his playing seriously!

Riding his new bike!

 Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us!  
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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