Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Few Pictures of our New House!

This is about five months overdue, but, better late then never!

Please be advised:

1.  We need stuff for the walls. like now!  I just stare at them and think, why are our walls so bare?  Our last house had tons of windows and shelves in most rooms, so only a few things were needed on the walls in each room!  Our new house, has windows, but no built in shelves, and a lot more wall space!!  Like a lot!

Ok, that's all to be advised for!

Welcome to our house!  

Front entry, stairs (obviously!), dining room to the right, family room straight ahead!

Dining room, and a good view of our front door!

Another view!  Love this room!  Still need a rug and thinking about recovering our chairs
Our family room, leads you into the kitchen!  Quite possibly the most used room in our house!

Our kitchen!  Wow, it's super clean!  This is the runner up to the most used room in our house! I love this room, so I know I'm in here so much!  Love it!
 There are other angles and views, like a table, but I don't have any pictures of those parts, next time!

Our backyard!  Such cute boys!
We're really enjoying our new house and it feels like home!  Now, any ideas for things to put up on the wall?!


  1. It's beautiful Liz! The front garage, door orientation reminds me a lot of the outside of your house here. Love your kitchen and that window over the sink! Your back yard is really pretty too ~ very different from here with no privacy fences. So glad ya'll are enjoying it!

  2. Ohhh Kansas!!!! Love the house and love that big backyard! :)


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